How One University Worked to Get Ahead of the Curve on Title IX

Though the University of Central Missouri wasn’t facing high-profile allegations or a federal investigation, it instituted some novel reforms in how it handles sexual assault.


Amid Concerns About Stifling Speech, Colleges Take a New Look at Bias-Response Teams

Bias-response teams have found themselves under a new wave of criticism, but that’s not why some of them are changing.



Economists Offer Unconventional Wisdom on Student-Loan ‘Crisis’

Two new books seek to add nuance to the public debate about student debt. But can their evidence sway an audience steeped in anecdotes about struggling graduates?

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Freedom for American Colleges in China Has Its Limits, Federal Report Says

It says that the colleges emphasize academic freedom, but that some faculty members and students there practice self-censorship.

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National Default Rate on Student Loans Declines for Third Straight Year

It fell from 11.8 percent to 11.3 percent for students who began repayment between the 2012 and 2013 fiscal years.

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Mizzou Chancellor Is 'Outraged' After Black Students Report Racist Incident

The episode, in which students say they were verbally assaulted outside a fraternity house, is an echo of those that preceded major protests at the university last fall.



How Skin-Deep Judgments of Professors Might Influence Student Success

A scholar at UNLV has been examining whether students actually might learn more if their instructor is attractive. For those hoping that brains are all that counts in academe, the picture he paints isn’t pretty.



The Worst Roommate Horror Stories, From Those Charged With Playing Peacemaker

We asked residence-life officials to share outstanding tales of bad blood between college roommates. They did not disappoint.


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Video: How One Institution Went From a Vocational School to a University

The United States needs more-inclusive campuses, where students can complete one credential and move on to the next, says Matthew S. Holland, president of Utah Valley University, which now offers several master’s programs but isn’t embarrassed by its vocational ethos.




Obama’s Legacy: An Unlikely Hawk on Higher Ed

Behind the "Professor President," advisers executed an accountability agenda driven by economic worry and national skepticism about the value of college.


A University Draws Fire for Its Communications to Students About Suicidal Thoughts

Northern Michigan University has stopped warning students that they could be punished if they discuss fears of self-harm with peers. Free-speech advocates say the university hasn’t gone far enough.

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How 3 Words Roiled an Education Conference

NACAC’s departing president says he didn’t understand why the phrase “all lives matter” might cause offense.


Special Reports

Judge What I Say, Not How I Talk

Everyone has a dialect and an accent, and one isn't better than another. A program at North Carolina State teaches students and faculty to respect how others speak.


Why Ed-Tech Software Patents Could Harm Innovation

The arcane details, as it turns out, pose a serious risk to colleges, in complex ways.


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Meritocracy in Obama’s Gilded Age

Meritocracy and the modern university.


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Hope Hangover

It’s time for a more realistic idealism.



Know Your Audience

Trouble is, it’s more and more difficult to know who is reading in the internet age.



Who Gets the Credit for the Collaboration?

That is a particularly tricky issue for assistant professors assembling their tenure case.