After Public Colleges Suffer Many Blows, a Film Fires Back

A new documentary about some of the most polarizing fights in academe seeks to spur discussion of the financial and political forces shaping higher education.



How a University Is Training Its Police to Take a Trauma-Informed Approach to Sexual Violence

The University of Texas system is embracing methods that build on traditional investigative strategies with ones that establish more trust with victims.


Federal Prosecutors Join Fight Against Predatory Journals

The Federal Trade Commission, in its first such foray into scholarly publishing, has filed a civil complaint against one of the largest publishers of online science journals.

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U. of the Incarnate Word Permanently Removes President Who Was on Leave

The board had placed the longtime president, Louis Agnese Jr., on medical leave earlier this month, citing concerns about "uncharacteristic behavior and comments."

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Fired Faculty Member Wounds Medical-School Dean With Shotgun, Police Say

The accused gunman was dismissed in 2009 for research misconduct at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine, in New York.

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ITT Tech Stops Enrolling New Students

The for-profit educator made the announcement after the Education Department's crackdown last week.



The New Cheating Economy

Business is booming right under colleges’ noses. It’s not just papers and assignments anymore. Now it’s the whole course.



Contract Cheating’s African Labor

If clients ask, Solomon, from Nairobi, Kenya, is supposed to say he is American or British.



With a Strong Stance on Safe Spaces, U. of Chicago Sends a Mixed Message to Students

While some applauded the clarity of a dean’s letter, others found it callous, out of touch, or simply misunderstood.


A Brief Guide to the Battle Over Trigger Warnings

A message to incoming students from a University of Chicago dean has touched off a debate about the use of the warnings on college campuses. Here's what you need to know about them.



Trading One Marathon for Another, an Olympic Runner Returns to the Classroom

After his summer in Rio, Jared Ward is hitting the ground running for another semester of teaching and researching statistics at Brigham Young University.



The Real Story Behind the U. of Connecticut’s ‘Scholars House’

The university’s new residential community was created in an attempt to put more African-American men on a path to graduation. But some critics have depicted the program as a step toward segregating black students.


Graduate Students

A New Era for Grad-Student Organizing

Changing realities in higher education and the broad scope of a decision this week by the National Labor Relations Board are feeding a growing appetite among graduate students to fight for better working conditions.

Lingua Franca

'Back' Again

Why is "I've got your back" so popular now? Ben Yagoda says its state-of-siege feel is suited to the present moment.


The Chronicle Review

How to Think Like Shakespeare

Twenty-first-century students would benefit from 16th-century habits of mind.



Reimagining College as a Lifelong Learning Experience

The value of college is increasingly found in the connections it creates. We should embrace that role, aiming for deeper and more lasting ties to graduates.



Know What You Don’t Know

Start your new job with a good sense of how to find out what they didn't teach you in grad school.



'Dear Forums ...': Should I List Job Talks on My CV?

Also in our weekly roundup of the best conversations from The Chronicle's discussion forums: first-day-of-class rituals, and vanishing job ads.