Leadership & Governance

39 Private-College Leaders Earn More Than $1 Million

The Chronicle's annual analysis of executive compensation at the institutions finds that the average pay of their presidents in 2014 was $489,927.

The Ticker

Student Is Arrested in Fatal Stabbing of U. of Southern California Professor

A detective with the Los Angeles police department said the assault on Friday was most likely the result of a personal dispute.



When Do Public Rebukes of Students Cross a Line?

The University of North Carolina Wilmington is the latest campus roiled by an instructor’s criticism of a student online. Scholars disagree on when protected speech becomes unprofessional harassment.


The Chronicle Interview

A Push to 'Expand White Privilege'

The white supremacist Richard Spencer sees college campuses as an important recruiting ground and hopes to visit "all the major ones."



The Personal Lecture

How to make big classes feel small.


5 Ways to Shake Up the Lecture

Flipping the classroom has gotten the most attention, but professors have a variety of approaches in their toolkits to improve the student experience.



How Colleges Are Responding to Demands That They Become ‘Sanctuary Campuses’

To protect undocumented immigrant students, a handful of colleges have declared themselves to be "sanctuary campuses." Others have avoided that term but have pledged support for such students, and have spelled out what they will do if immigration authorities come knocking.


Leadership & Governance

Supporting Undocumented Students

David W. Oxtoby, president of Pomona College, recently spoke with The Chronicle about his advocacy on behalf of undocumented immigrant students and what advice he has for new college presidents.



The Chronicle Review

Reframing Racism

It amounts to justification for wrongful actions that protect privilege, argues Ibram X. Kendi.


Leadership & Governance

Building a Network to Help First-Generation Students Succeed

Students from homes or high schools where few others have gone on to college don’t have peers they can turn to for advice when times get tough, explains Carl Strikwerda, president of Elizabethtown College, in Pennsylvania.



If You Had $45 Billion, What Would You Do to Improve Education?

Jim Shelton, now heading up the education portfolio at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, isn’t giving any details yet. But in this podcast, he emphasizes the value of bringing learning scientists together with educators to improve learning and increase equality.



Blocked Overtime Rule Sows Uncertainty for Colleges

A federal judge’s injunction has forced institutions to either postpone pay increases and adjustments to hourly employment status or proceed as planned — even though the changes may be moot.


Labor & Work-Life Issues

Greasing the Retirement Wheel

How to help faculty members view retirement as an opportunity, not a threat.



In Tumultuous Times, Colleges Can Do What They Do Best

It’s called education. A campus climate of demands, protests, and unrest is a laboratory for learning from people from different walks of life.

Lingua Franca

Who You Calling 'Snowflake'?

Ben Yagoda examines the provenance of a recent term for those who feel wronged.


The Chronicle Review

When Big Ideas Go Bad

Power poses became the hottest thing on the internet. But the science doesn’t hold up.



'Dear Forums ...': Can My Partner and I Share a Position?

Also in our weekly roundup of conversations from The Chronicle's discussion forums: managing the advance-copy blues; how to know when you're done writing; and a question about delaying tactics in negotiations.



The Death of Cursive Writing

Turns out, my poor penmanship isn’t the reason students have trouble reading my comments on their essays.