A University Draws Fire for Its Communications to Students About Suicidal Thoughts

Northern Michigan University has stopped warning students that they could be punished if they discuss fears of self-harm with peers. Free-speech advocates say the university hasn’t gone far enough.

Admissions & Student Aid

How 3 Words Roiled an Education Conference

NACAC’s departing president says he didn’t understand why the phrase “all lives matter” might cause offense.


Special Reports

Judge What I Say, Not How I Talk

Everyone has a dialect and an accent, and one isn't better than another. A program at North Carolina State teaches students and faculty to respect how others speak.

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U. of Michigan Denounces Racist Fliers in Campus Buildings

A statement released Monday afternoon said the fliers "espouse a racist point of view" that is “inconsistent with the university’s values of respect, civility, and equality.”

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Iowa State President Grounds Himself After Reports of Damaged Airplane

The university aircraft required $12,000 in repairs after a rough landing last year by Steven Leath.

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Community College Disciplined Instructor After Student Handed Out Pro-Union Pens

The college said the instructor had pressured the student to distribute pens bearing the faculty union's label. The faculty member denies the allegation.



At Tennessee, Women’s Fears Go Beyond Campus Sex Assault

The flagship university warns students about a higher incidence at the start of the semester, but they’re already preoccupied with other dangers.



Election Casts Spotlight on an Unusual For-Profit With Global Ambitions

In the news lately over its ties to the Clinton family, Laureate Education seems to be reaping the benefits of a substantially different business model.



Athletics Programs Draw Up a New Playbook for Student Activism

Few college athletes have emulated Colin Kaepernick’s national-anthem demonstrations. Athletic directors say it’s because they’re doing a better job of listening to players.



How Colleges Should Adapt in a Networked Age

In a Re:Learning podcast, The Chronicle talks with Joshua Cooper Ramo, who points to a shift in attitudes toward college and authority figures in general.


The Chronicle Review

Obama's Imprint on Higher Ed: Responses

Danielle Allen, Janet Halley, Raynard S. Kington, Anthony P. Carnevale, Marta Tienda, and Jamie Merisotis respond to Michael S. Roth. 


The Chronicle Review

Free Public College: Utopian No More

Free public higher education is no longer a laughable idea. #ThanksObama


Essay on Extra Exam Time Perpetuates Ableist Privilege

Social justice means that in order for a disadvantaged group to become equal, those in power must relinquish their privilege.



Teaching Tips for Graduate Students

You have to finish. And you have to teach. Here’s how to find the right balance.



'Dear Forums ...': Too Many Students Want to Talk to Me After Class. Help!

Also in our weekly roundup of the best conversations from The Chronicle's discussion forums: a grant-money question; how to list publications on your CV; and overcoming the strategic-plan blues.