For Santa Ono, an Inexorable Pull Toward Home

No attempts at persuasion could keep him at the University of Cincinnati when he had a chance to lead a university in his Canadian birthplace.



Colleges Brace for Impact of Overtime Rule

A change in federal labor law that takes effect in December has institutions scrambling to sort out which salaried employees will be due extra pay if they work more than 40 hours in a week.



What One College Learned From Creating Housing for Recovering Addicts

Administrators at the College of New Jersey say they had to create an inclusive environment not only for those students but also for any students who choose to live substance-free.

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Amazon and Wells Fargo End Student-Loan Partnership

The program, which offered discounted interest rates to Amazon subscribers, was offered for only about a month.

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Felician U. Investigates Email That Disparaged Black Students

The university's president said the message, sent from the account of the director of residence life, most likely came from someone who wanted to harm Felician's reputation.

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College of Charleston Halts Alcohol-Related Activities for Fraternities and Sororities

The ban will be lifted after chapters undergo a review and every member completes training about alcohol and substance abuse.


Why College Alumni Don’t Give to Their Alma Maters: They Think Other Charities Need Money More

Among graduates who give, 26 percent said they would donate more if they could earmark their money for specific campus purposes, according to a new survey.



Is Anybody Reading the Syllabus? To Find Out, Some Professors Bury Hidden Gems

Professors have long struggled with getting students to read the syllabus thoroughly. Now they are trying different tricks to engage students.



What’s the Right Public Message About Going to College?

Higher education is a good investment, on average, but some students leave it worse off than when they started. That makes giving general advice a challenge.



After Public Colleges Suffer Many Blows, a Film Fires Back

A new documentary about some of the most polarizing fights in academe seeks to spur discussion of the financial and political forces shaping higher education.



How a University Is Training Its Police to Take a Trauma-Informed Approach to Sexual Violence

The University of Texas system is embracing methods that build on traditional investigative strategies with ones that establish more trust with victims.


Federal Prosecutors Join Fight Against Predatory Journals

The Federal Trade Commission, in its first such foray into scholarly publishing, has filed a civil complaint against one of the largest publishers of online science journals.



The New Cheating Economy

Business is booming right under colleges’ noses. It’s not just papers and assignments anymore. Now it’s the whole course.


What Research Universities Can Learn From Teaching-Intensive Counterparts

The future of the biomedical work force depends on creating more-sustainable ways to fund the mission of the institutions that train its scientists.

Lingua Franca

Foul Things of the Night

Geoff Pullum attends a seminar on a vampire novel, led by Eula Biss, author of a book on vaccination. And he learns that vampires aren't the only repulsive creatures hiding in the shadows.


What Really Happened at Burlington College

The institution's fate was set when its former board members hired an inexperienced president and, six years later, approved the imprudent purchase of a $10 million piece of property for campus expansion.



Lessons for Academe From the Brooklyn Institute

Imagine a model of learning that pays faculty members fairly and attracts students who want an intellectual challenge.



The Community-College Job Search: The Hiring Cycle

A new Vitae series will answer common questions about the two-year hiring process.