As Trump Takes Office, Artists Denounce Threats to Federal Support

Activists, writers, and others gathered for an inauguration-themed Peace Ball on the night before the new president took office.


A ‘Shot Over the Bow’: Groups Respond to Reported Plan to Cut Arts and Humanities Endowments

A newspaper’s report that the president-elect planned to eliminate the two federal cultural endowments sparked widespread alarm.



Trump Asks Francis Collins to Remain NIH Director, at Least for Now

The National Institutes of Health released a statement saying the longtime head of the agency "has been held over by the Trump administration." But it was unclear whether that status was temporary or permanent.

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UVa President, Who Prevailed Over Bid to Oust Her, Will Step Down

Teresa A. Sullivan defeated an effort in 2012 to unseat her that was led by the rector of the Board of Visitors, Helen E. Dragas.

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Here's a Sampling of Inauguration Protests College Students Are Organizing Nationwide

Some students are traveling to Washington, D.C., to demonstrate against the presidential inauguration of Donald J. Trump. Others are taking action near their campuses.


Admissions & Student Aid

How Public Colleges Enhance Social Mobility (and Elite Colleges Often Don’t)

Hint: They view poor students as opportunities, not challenges.


Gun-Violence Researchers, Anticipating No Change Under Trump, Rethink Strategy

With a 20-year ban on federal funds for studies of firearm violence, researchers at more than 80 public-health institutions plan to make progress locally.



How to Cultivate Faculty Leaders

To build pools of potential leaders, colleges are trying to change the negative ways administrative roles are viewed, and give faculty members structured opportunities to learn behind the scenes.



In California, Tensions Over Growth Divide a Campus

Faculty and administrators at the University of California at Riverside are wrestling with how to heal a rift caused in part by fallout from an ambitious expansion plan.



An Attempt to Replicate Top Cancer Studies Casts Doubt on Reproducibility Itself

Studies organized by Brian Nosek’s Center for Open Science have once again sounded an alarm about whether research can be replicated. But the authors of those studies take issue with the approach.


At Long Last, Agency Completes Overhaul of Rules on Use of Humans in Research

The revisions, delayed by more than five years of acrimonious debate, will take effect next year regardless of the change in presidential administrations.



DeVos Takes Center Stage: Highlights From Her Confirmation Hearing

The education-secretary nominee avoided specifics as senators pressed for her positions on issues including student debt, regulations on for-profit-colleges, and Title IX.



Obamacare Repeal Could Bring Relief for Colleges, Uncertainty for Adjuncts

Republicans in Congress are working to roll back the Affordable Care Act. What its replacement could mean for higher ed and its work force is anybody’s guess.


Don’t Retreat. Teach Citizenship.

It’s possible to cultivate valuable skills and dispositions across the curriculum. And now it’s more crucial than ever.


Talladega Band's Decision to Play at Inauguration Is Smart and Gutsy

A month ago Alabama's oldest HBCU was little known, but now it is appearing in headlines and news crawls of major media outlets.


Stop Dismissing Community Colleges

Historically, community colleges have prepared millions of students to successfully enroll in, and graduate from, four-year programs.


Colleges Should Decide Which Bathroom Students Use

Allowing students who identify with the opposite gender to use any bathroom they choose is a greater right than any other student has, and could lead to abuse of those rights.



Get Out of Your Department

You’re a new faculty member, no doubt engrossed in your departmental duties. But the rest of the institution needs you, too.



How to Undermine Your Own Authority

They won’t take responsibility for their own learning if you are doing it for them.