• September 23, 2017

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Academic Destinations is an exclusive service provided by The Chronicle of Higher Education to help you tell the world of academe about your geographic area and its unique benefits. With Academic Destinations, you can share information about your distinctive culture, economy, environment, and other area-specific attractions through your own customized microsite hosted on Chronicle.com.


Through Academic Destinations, your geographic area is featured alongside the award-winning editorial content of the world’s most visited academic Web site — helping promote your region as an academic destination of choice.


Strengthen your identity as an education hub and enhance your region’s image with Academic Destinations:

•  Replace old stereotypes with new images

•  Provide a window into the little-known wonders that make your destination special

•  Highlight cultural and recreational attractions such as museums, archeological sites, nature preserves, and arts festivals

•  Promote the characteristics and opportunities of your economy

•  Emphasize research and grant opportunities

•  Influence the influencers in academe

•  Shape the perceptions about your academic and student lifestyles


For more information on how to participate in Academic Destinations, please send an e-mail message to AcademicDestinations@chronicle.com or contact Holly Horner at (202) 466-1015.

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