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Patricia Leal, Mexico
"Studying Health Technology (now Biomedical Engineering) at PolyU gives me access to many useful tools and career / service opportunities. I chose to study this program because it just contains the right elements that interest me: I desire to understand the human body biologically and mechanically, I like working with my hands and I wish to help people one-on-one. It is also a profession much needed in many parts of the world, including my home country, Mexico. Another prospect which has motivated me is the fact that prosthetic services can be delivered as a business or as part of a non-profit social service organization.

The program's teaching methods are diversified and I particularly like the lab classes because they are completely hands-on. This is a very smart approach - at PolyU, they examine what is needed in the real world and create the programs based on what the society requires.

With regard to the many support services PolyU has provided for its overseas students, the ones I have made use of the most are sports clubs. I have trained with the PolyU Volleyball Team during my Foundation Year. Later on, during Year 1 of my degree program, I also joined the Cross-Country & Athletics Team. I had a very enjoyable time and in the healthiest way! The friendly atmosphere at the trainings and the enthusiasm at competitions is superb! I am also impressed by the university's concern for our well-beings...they even arranged Influenza and Hepatitis vaccinations for us!

My interactions with both the local and overseas students at PolyU are very enjoyable too. In particular, I enjoy sharing what I have learnt about the Chinese culture with those who have just arrived. In return, they re-ignite the "fire" of excitement I had when I first came to Hong Kong like them."

Jessica Wittebols, USA
"My semester at Hong Kong Baptist University was truly enlightening and fun!! The classes I took helped me to be more immersed in Hong Kong's culture. My interaction with other international students from all over the world was an experience I will carry with me throughout my entire life. The outings we took as international students helped us understand the history, experience the customs and visit some of the major points of interest in Hong Kong. Hong Kong Baptist University has a perfect location in the heart of Hong Kong which makes the region accessible for exploration and adventure!"


Peter Rechberger, Austria
"'Capital of Asia' is truly an appropriate title for Hong Kong! Cultural diversity, a vibrant city life and an unexpected natural beauty - there's plenty for everybody! I enjoyed having a great campus-life, including tons of activities organized by the International Office, various student clubs and the residence halls. My friends from Hong Kong Baptist University showed me many secret places like lonely beaches, stunning waterfalls and of course the exotic cuisine. We had a great time and I'm sure I'll come back to HK soon!"


Andreas Emmertsen, Denmark
2006 Joseph Lau Luen Hung Charitable Trust Scholarship Recipient

Andreas, who grew up in Germany and Denmark, has chosen to come to HKUST to pursue a Bachelor of Business and Administration degree for the simple reason that he wanted to do something different.

Andreas is fully taking advantage of his stay here; in addition to completing his degree, he is relishing the chance to become immersed in Chinese culture. Already multilingual (he speaks fluent German, Danish, English and French), Andreas is learning yet another language - Putonghua. In fact, Andreas will be taking advantage of the winter break of his first year here to participate in a two-and-a-half week intensive Putonghua immersion course in Beijing. What's more, he has learnt to play Chinese chess from his Mainland Chinese roommate. Andreas hopes that these experiences will equip him for a challenging career in trading or marketing in Asia.

Both of Andreas' parents are golf enthusiasts; with their influence, he began playing golf at a very young age. He has now a golf handicap of 4.5 (a numerical measure of an amateur golfer's potential), and has played in the Danish League 3rd and 4th Divisions for his Club. Besides sports, Andreas enjoys drawing; pencil and paper are his favorite medium. On the more active side, Andreas takes pleasure in travel. By the age of 17, Andreas had already backpacked through Germany, France, Ireland, Norway and Eastern Europe. He has also driven across the United States, from California to New York, and never tires of finding a new, unique experience wherever he goes.