Life Outside the Classroom

This is a sample Academic Destination This is a sample Academic Destination

After hours of lectures, projects, field trips, etc. students need to indulge in social life and relax themselves. Most universities are located just minutes from downtown.

Hong Kong is indeed a city of life! A vibrant meeting of East and West, it is truly Asia's world city. Hong Kong presents an ever-changing kaleidoscope of colours, flavours and cultures. It is a pulsating modern city, juxtaposed with intriguing village traditions.

That is Hong Kong -- a cluster of more than 260 islands. The city has one of the world's most dramatic harbours, fascinating shopping malls and high-rise buildings. At the same time one of Hong Kong's most pleasant aspects is the surprising amount of green space. Country parks cover 40% of the territory and, with the outlying islands, provide plenty of walks, trails and beaches for those who wish to experience the greener and calmer side of Hong Kong.

As the centre for finance and business in Asia, students will mingle in the city with people across the globe, with restaurants and diners to match every taste. More than 9000 restaurants provide a mouth-watering choice of dining options from all over the world. Hong Kong is also a shopping paradise with lots to offer. The public transportation system in Hong Kong is very well developed with the option of high-tech subway system, well-connected public bus service, efficient taxis and also historic trams.

Whether you are looking for lively nightlife, traditional festivals or world-famous international shows and concerts, Hong Kong has it all. Hong Kong is truly a fascinating place to be in!