Let’s Listen to What International Students Do on Campus!

Cristian EduardoOlivo Quiroga, Bolivia
•  Degree student
•  BA program, 1st year
•  Management of Technology
•  Feng Chia University
I am very impressed to see how Taiwanese are really friendly and nice with me. My professors are always concerned about my learning, understanding and my life in Taiwan. They are always trying to help me, and I feel really good at my department and the campus. I enjoy learning something new and different of my major in Biology, and my classmates teach me Taiwanese and Chinese.

Jhenel Wong, Philippines
•  Exchange student
•  Business Administration
•  BA program, 3rd year
•  Fu Jen Catholic University
Out of all the possible destinations in the world, I chose to study in Taiwan because I want to improve my Chinese speaking abilities and learn about the Taiwanese culture. As a Filipino citizen with Chinese roots, I believe that my stay in Taiwan will give me a better understanding of the customs and traditions that my family practices at home. Furthermore, I will be able to meet and visit my relatives who are residing in Taiwan. Overall, I think that joining the exchange program in Fu Jen University will not only provide me with a healthy studying environment but it will also give me a rich and new cultural experience.

Ryan Hiebert, America
•  Degree student
•  MA program, 2nd year
•  MBA Program
•  National Chengchi University
Taking classes in Chinese proved challenging my first semester as I sometimes could not keep up with the professor’s discussions. Nevertheless, with a semester of management curriculum up my sleeve, I learned quickly how to interact in class and make business presentations in Chinese. Despite significant struggle and hardship adjusting to the educational environment here, I have become both a stronger and more cultured person. It has all been worth it!

Jan Novacek, Czech Republic
•  Exchange student
•  Ph. D. program
•  Acoustics
•  National Taipei University of Technology
Friendly people everywhere. Fast and easy to solve any problems as school stuff is helping every time.

Philipp Behrends, Germany
•  Exchange student
•  Business Administration
•  BA program, 3rd year
•  National Taiwan University
After travelling Eastern Asia for a month in 2008, I decided to dip into the Taiwanese Culture and I never regretted it! I am studying business at the National Taiwan University, which is the biggest and most well-renowned university in Taiwan. Nevertheless, professors and faculty staff were always eager to help me with my concerns and language troubles. Even though the English of some Taiwanese citizens might not be in best shape, there is almost always a helping hand nearby. So especially for learning Chinese, Taiwan is the place to be. What else? There’s a new dish to taste every day on a night market or restaurant near you. And people will be curious about your stories, so you’ll find friends easily.

Iryna Semenyuk, Ukraine
•  Degree student
•  Teaching English
•  MA program, 3rd year
•  Tamkang University
After having received my BA degree in teaching the English language and working as a teacher for some time I was thinking of pursuing my education. At that moment, my husband was invited to work in Taiwan, so I got interested in MA programs for English teachers that local universities offer. After having made inquiry and talking to my Taiwanese and foreign friends on the issue I made up my mind and chose Tamkang University. Its wide beautiful campus is located on a hilly area with a picturesque view on the bank of the Danshui River. The courses I have been taking are very interesting and useful. I am quite happy about my choice, because along with the great educational environment at Tamkang University I have a chance to enjoy the natural beauty of the neighborhood, learn Taiwanese culture, and meet friends.