View of Taiwan Universities

About Asia University

#1 About Asia University

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Asia University pursues academic distinction, inspires innovative teaching, and cultivates talents for the global community. The creation of an excellent learning environment for both students and faculty has always been placed as the top priority in the development at Asia University.

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View of CJCU

#2 View of CJCU

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Chang Jung Christian University (CJCU) is a private university located in southern Taiwan. Affiliated with the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan, CJCU is committed to developing the God-given gifts and abilities of each student within a culture of love, respect, and service.

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Campus of Chienkuo Technology University

#3 Campus of Chienkuo Technology University

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Programs: Mechanical Eng., Electrical Eng., Electronic Eng., Automation Eng., Computer and Communication Eng., Civil Eng.; Industrial Eng. and Management, International Business Administration, Information Management Spatial Design, Digital Multimedia Design, Commercial Design, etc..

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Chienkuo Technology University

#4 Chienkuo Technology University

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At Chienkuo Technology University there are 4 colleges (Engineering, Management, Design, Life and Science Technology), 16 departments and 7 graduate schools, excellent Chinese courses are offered for international students.

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China Medical University and Hospitals

#5 China Medical University and Hospitals

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Located in the center of Taichung City, CMU includes 6 colleges where western medicine, Chinese medicine, pharmacy (including Chinese herbs), health care (including nursing), life sciences, and public health educational, research and practice programs are provided.

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The Best and the Blessed

#6 The Best and the Blessed

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We are proud of the University’s tradition of fearing God, loving our country, respecting one another’s work in a spirit of teamwork, and appreciating simplicity and sincerity.

Photo credit: Chung Yuan Christian University

Feng Chia University

#7 Feng Chia University

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Feng Chia University has continuously strived to improve its campus and learning environment, quality of education and research, as well as industry collaborations, administrative efficiency, alumni connections, community development and international linkages.

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The university’s main entrance

#8 The university’s main entrance

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Founded in 1967, the university aims at cultivating senior technical professionals with a humanitarian spirit. The university is known for its quality education in nursing, hospitality management, engineering, and various humanities degrees.

Photo credit: Hungkuang University

I-Shou University (ISU)

#9 I-Shou University (ISU)

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I-Shou University is a young and promising university with great potential. Located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan’s southern metropolis, ISU is ranked 41st among the 3,600 universities in Asia and has a lush green campus on the edge of a popular scenic spot, the Guanyin Mountain.

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Introduction of NCU

#10 Introduction of NCU

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NCU was founded in Nanjing in 1915 and became one of China’s top universities. In 1962, NCU was reinstated in Taiwan as National Central University Graduate Institute of Geophysics. It’s now has 7 colleges, 53 departments and graduate institutes. The 63 hectare campus is renowned for its more than ten thousand pine trees. The evergreen pine trees symbolize the persevering spirit of NCU.

Photo credit: National Central University

Chinese Language Center, National Chengchi University

#11 Chinese Language Center, National Chengchi University

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• More than 20 years of experience
• Four terms a year
• Small classes of 7-9 students
• Interactive teaching methods
• Free pronunciation and writing classes
• Cultural Workshops to experience Taiwanese Culture
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NCKU Banyan Tree Garden

#12 NCKU Banyan Tree Garden

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The Banyan Tree in NCKU campus was completed in 1910 which lush and enormous banyan trees have all grown, and its shape seems like a tremendous green mushroom. The Banyan trees not only show the tough vitality, but become a famous tourist attraction in our NCKU campus.

Photo credit: National Cheng Kung University

School Motto - 飲水思源

#13 School Motto - 飲水思源

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Around 60% of CEOs and top level managers in HsinChu Science Park are NCTU Alumni, where its strengthen is built upon our proud traditions (飲水思源 - Be appreciated for favors receipt and do not forget its origins). Founded at 1896, NCTU is the major contributor to the ICT industries and the main driver of Taiwan’s economic miracle.

Photo credit: National Chiao Tung University

National Formosa University

#14 National Formosa University

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National Formosa University was established by the Taiwan government in July, 1980. It has been ranked as one of the favorite universities in its category by young people and businesses from the aspects of faculty quality, educational outcome, student counseling, professional research, cooperation with industry, academic exchange, and continuing education.

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National Formosa University – Academics & Research

#15 National Formosa University – Academics & Research

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At present, the university has four colleges and nineteen departments. Fourteen departments also have graduate programs. We have nine part-time master’s programs, and three industrial technology research and development master’s programs. In order to support further scientific research, we have developed four specialist research centers.

Photo credit: National Formosa University

A view of NSYSU campus from the ocean

#16 A view of NSYSU campus from the ocean

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NSYSU is located right between the ocean and the mountains. The location is reclusive, yet it is just a few minutes away from the city centre of Kaohsiung. A unique feature of the University is water activities; students can enjoy activities such as windsailing, diving, swimming, etc.

Photo credit: National Sun Yat-sen University

Main Entrance of NTUT

#17 Main Entrance of NTUT

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This is the front gate of NTUT with school motto on the top, carrying the meaning of integrity, professionalism, simplicity and diligence. Combining the Art Center on the first floor, the Administration Building provides all NTUT members with considerate services and literary environment.

Photo credit: National Taipei University Of Technology

Soochow University- Waishuanghsi Campus

#18 Soochow University- Waishuanghsi Campus

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The Waishuanghsi Campus is located in suburban Taipei with picturesque scenery near the National Palace Museum; on this campus are the School of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, the School of Foreign Languages and Cultures, and the School of Science.

Photo credit: Soochow University

Well-planned and Equipped Campus

#19 Well-planned and Equipped Campus

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Fu Jen ,with 189 sister schools around the globe, comprises 11 colleges, 47 departments, offering 46 master’s programs, 20 in-service master’s programs, 11 Ph.D. programs, and 16 departments in the school of continuing Education.

Photo credit: Fu Jen Catholic University