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15 Papers on College Affordability Are Released at Lumina Event

April 10, 2014

The Lumina Foundation released 15 expert papers on Monday that explore new models of student financial success and are aimed at creating institutional, state, and federal solutions for making college more affordable.

Each of the papers, which Lumina commissioned, is intended to stimulate a discussion about the affordability of higher education, student-loan repayment, and institutional, state, and federal partnerships, according to a news release.

All the papers were written by nationally recognized experts and up-and-coming analysts, who were scheduled to discuss their work at the Lumina Foundation’s Ideas Summit on Monday.

"We believe it is time to fundamentally rethink our national approach to student financing," Jamie P. Merisotis, Lumina’s president and chief executive, said in the release. "Only through substantive redesign can we ensure that tuition and financial-aid resources are used to support the success of the much

Each paper released on Monday can be viewed here:

"A College Considerator: Factors to Weigh in Contemplating College Affordability"

"A Student Level Analysis of Financial Aid"

"States in the Driver’s Seat: Leveraging State Aid to Align Policies and Promote Access, Success, and Affordability"

"Applying the Lessons of Behavioral Economics to Improve the Federal Student Loan Programs: Six Policy Recommendations"

"Can Income-Driven Repayment Policies be Efficient, Effective, and Equitable?"

"College Affordability for Low-Income Adults: Improving Returns on Investment for Families and Society"

"College Affordability: What Is It and How Can We Measure It?"

"College Costs: Students Can’t Afford Not to Know"

"Student Loan Safety Nets: Estimating the Costs and Benefits of Income-Based Repayment"

"From Income-Based Repayment Plans to an Income-Based Loan System"

"Moving the Needle: How Financial Aid Policies Can Help States Meet Student Completion Goals"

"Piecing Together the College Affordability Puzzle: Student Characteristics and Patterns of (Un)Affordability"

"Putting Colleges on Notice: Crafting Smarter Strategies to Improve Affordability Through Curbing Cost Increases"

"Redefining College Affordability: Securing America’s Future with a Free Two Year College Option"

"Should All Student Loan Payments Be Income-Driven? Trade-Offs and Challenges"