2001: On One Campus, a 'Wartime' Atmosphere

August 07, 2016

50 Years of Covers

In November 2016, The Chronicle of Higher Education will mark its 50th anniversary. To lead up to the occasion, we’ve chosen front pages featuring some of our reporting on key events in higher education and capturing the zeitgeist of the nation’s colleges and universities over the years.

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When officials at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, in Manhattan, compared a list of dead or missing police officers and firefighters a few days after September 11 with a database of students and graduates, they found 101 matches, with more to come. "I have a bad habit of remembering names and faces," said Roger Witherspoon, vice president for student development. "So I haven’t looked at the list yet." In subsequent weeks, the college, part of the City University of New York, handled requests for schedule changes because of students’ long shifts at Ground Zero. "We tell them to do what they have to do," said the dean of admissions, Richard Saulnier, "and we’ll take care of the rest." (In other articles, The Chronicle described the state of Jewish-Muslim relations at the University of Michigan and told of the lives of academics killed in the terrorist attacks.)