2004: Psst. Wanna Buy a Ph.D.?

August 28, 2016

50 Years of Covers

In November 2016, The Chronicle of Higher Education will mark its 50th anniversary. To lead up to the occasion, we’ve chosen front pages featuring some of our reporting on key events in higher education and capturing the zeitgeist of the nation’s colleges and universities over the years.

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A memorable collection of characters populated The Chronicle’s coverage of diploma mills, which had become a multimillion-dollar industry. There was the former nightclub hypnotist who lived on an 80-foot yacht until he went to jail for mail fraud. The phone-bank entrepreneur, complete with chauffeur and bodyguard, whose employees called him the "King of Romania." The Atlantis-obsessed psychic who accredited her "university" with her own accrediting agency. Thousands of people bought phony academic credentials from such worldwide operations, which proved difficult to shut down.