2008: Hard Times on Many Campuses

September 25, 2016

50 Years of Covers

In November 2016, The Chronicle of Higher Education will mark its 50th anniversary. To lead up to the occasion, we’ve chosen front pages featuring some of our reporting on key events in higher education and capturing the zeitgeist of the nation’s colleges and universities over the years.

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The Great Recession, as it came to be known, "exposed weaknesses in policies and management that left some institutions more vulnerable than they should have been," The Chronicle reported. Hundreds of colleges, we found, were "scrambling for cash to pay their bills and to cover the spiking interest on their debts." A few halted construction projects; some considered pay cuts or layoffs. Financial recovery took years; by 2010, we later noted, even with a surging stock market, the value of most college endowments remained below their 2007 levels, many by more than 20 percent.