2013 Technology Innovators: Nominees Submitted by Readers

April 29, 2013
Nominee's name Nominee's institution Category The big idea
Ed Cabellon Bridgewater State University Student Life Extraordinary speaker, blogger and tech guru.
Christoph Bregler New York University Research and Scholarship Pioneer in motion capture.
Professor Kris Manjapra Tufts University Teaching Linking two classrooms across the world.
Michael D. Abbiatti Arkansas Research and Education Optical Network Other Executive director of ARE-ON, a high-speed network touching every higher education institution in Arkansas.
Allan Walker Utah State University Business Models Created an interactive Safety map of campus.
Mike Richwalsky John Carroll University Publishing Major proponents of using social media, the cloud and WordPress usage in higher education.
Brian D. Voss University of Maryland Administration Honest and realistic approach to IT problems.
Ronald Yaros University of Maryland Teaching Uses for portfolio grades and twitter in his #jour150 class.
Shane Stroup Inver Hills Community College Teaching Making class more accessible with Facebook and recorded lectures on YouTube.
The UGLC Envisioneers The University of Texas at El Paso Teaching Pushing the boundaries from new classroom designs to app development.
David Weinberger Harvard law school library Libraries Heads up the Harvard library innovation lab.
Scott Brandt, Jake Carlson, & MIchael Witt Purdue University Libraries Implemented the Data Curation Profiles Toolkit.
David P. Pursell; Joseph C. Sloop; Richard L. Pennington; Julia B. Paredes; Mai Yin Tsoi; Sonal Dekhane Georgia Gwinnett College Teaching Launched organic chemistry course accessible in its entirety via smartphones.
Nico Cloete Center for Higher Education Trust, South Africa Other Foundational to the burgeoning field of Learning Spaces Research. He has provided solid empirical evidence to support
Mr. Tim Porter University of the Incarnate Word and AppdictionStudio Access Created anti-bullying software for school districts.
James Kenigsberg 2U, Inc. Access Built a game-changing delivery system for top-tier universities to deliver high-quality instruction online.
Dr. Najib Manea, PhD University of New Mexico Valencia Campus Other Equipped 60% of classrooms on campus with the ability to capture lectures.
Nish Sonwalkar United States Distance Learning Association Teaching Often referred to as the "Father of Adaptive Learning."
Anthony Rotolo iSchool at Syracuse University Teaching Taught an innovative course called "Social Media and the 2012 Election", know as #ElectionClass on twitter.
Nadine Dexter University of Central Flroida College of Medicine Libraries Uses latest technology available for medical students to use with patient care, research and educational activities.
John Fontaine Blackboard Other One of the original developers of Blackboard Learn, the mostly widely adopted LMS in higher educations.
Alison Doubleday University of Illinois - Chicago Teaching Integrating iPads into gross anatomy education.
Ken Elliot Catawba Valley Community College Administration Maintaining an amazingly tech saavy and efficient staff.
Alec Couros University of Regina Teaching Facilitated an open, online graduate course that is now seen as a fundamental influence for the early MOOC movement.
Noah Finkelstein University of Colorado Teaching Revamping the way in which STEM subjects are taught at the University of Colorado.
Lance Merker OmniUpdate Other President of OmniUpdate, a leading content management system (CMS) serving higher education.
Paulinne Saliga Society of Architectural Historians Publishing Launched three online academic resources that have revolutionized the field of architectural history.
D. Christopher Brooks University of Minnesota Research and Scholarship Major reseacher in the burgeoning field of Learning Spaces Research.
Paul Freedman AltiusEd Access Making education accessible to everyone and increase success rates by creating an platform that tailors to student's interest.
Salman Khan Khan Academy Other Created Khan Academy, a non-profit education site with more than 4,000 micro lectures.
Patricia Hogan Northern Michigan University Teaching Applied Wix technology to promote an active learning model for undergraduate students.
Kyle Peck Penn State University Business Models Pioneering the area of badges in higher education.
Maciej Olpinski Business Models Founded Travelmooc, enabling students to join experimental learning environments.
Dr. Candis Best Learningateway Access Developing virtual education and support model that targets students with weak academic foundations
Charles Severance University of Michigan Teaching Champion of open licensing, open content and open software standards.
Samantha Adams Becker New Media Consortium (NMC) Research and Scholarship Director of communications for the NMC, and the lead writer/researcher for the Horizon Report series.
Altius Education Altius Education / Ivy Bridge College Other Offers a high-quality, flexible online education that appeals to students of all ages.
Dr.Juan Gilbert Clemson University Research and Scholarship Named by President Obama as one of the top ten STEM mentors in nation.
Harpreet Singh Academic Room Research and Scholarship Co-founder of Academic Room, a social platform connecting industry with academic experts within communities of practice.
Jeannie Crowley Bank Street College of Education Teaching Started an Online Learning Collective Google+ community to bring together professionals to experiment with new forms of online ed.
Jeet Banerjee StatFuse Student Life Co-founded website that helps high school students and their parents with a variety of college-related affairs.
Brian Shaw Knowledge Elements Teaching Behind the innovations released by Knowledge Elements that improve student online learning.
Jason Thatcher, PhD Clemson University Research and Scholarship Catalyzing research on the social web on campus and across the nation.
Dr. Patrick Juola Duquesne University Research and Scholarship Helping to decipher history and improve computer security.
Tracy Fullerton University of Southern California Teaching Creating games that make a measurable difference in attracting and retaining college students.
Dr. Pam Northrup, Dr. Dave Dawson, Vice Admiral Gerry Hoewing, Marc Watson University of West Florida, The National Flight Academy, TEQGames at Universal Studios Teaching Working to change the way we educate children and lead students to choose STEM careers. Other Currently meeting the online tutoring needs of over 120 institutions.
Dr. Macello Medeiros UNEB / Brazil Research and Scholarship Developed a Sound Console Simulator Training (in project), the Virtual Console.
Randy Best Academic Partnerships Business Models Founded three progressive organizations actively advancing the mission of democratizing education.
Hernan Jaramillo Tareasplus Other Founder and CEO of a company specializing in web design, Internet consulting and launching Internet ideas.
Beth Davis WCET Other Helping higher education think about student success in new ways.
Robbie Melton Tennessee Board of Regents Other Exploring the applicability of mobile apps for education.
J.J. Allaire RStudio Teaching Dedicated to providing software, education, and services for the R statistical computing environment.
Ali Jafari Indiana University Other Inventor of On Course, ANGEL Learning, Epsilen, and now Course Networking.
Herminia Din   Teaching Researches how the use of new technologies offers the potential to transform teaching and learning in art.
Shai Reshef University of the People Business Models Created University of the People, a non-profit, online, tuition-free University.
Philip C. Repp Ball State University Administration Pioneered a student-centered approach to information technology at Ball State University.
Brian Sowards USEED Business Models Creating system that is on the forefront of education theories.
Dr. George Veletsianos University of Texas at Austin Research and Scholarship Studies the design of emerging technologies and pedagogies in online and hybrid education settings.
Bobby Holleman University of Arkansas Access Developing the statewide KENEX Cloud, which re-envisions how colleges and universities in Arkansas work collaboratively to meet technological needs
Gregory McNeal Pepperdine University School of Law Teaching Setting a powerful example of how modern technology can be used to instruct subject matters with even the oldest of roots.
Ryan Fisk Manhattanville College Teaching 'Flipped' his own classroom, providing instructional videos, screenshots, and step-by-step tutorials on a Google Drive account.
Kane Sarhan Enstitute Business Models Creating a new model of higher education through startup or business apprenticeships.
Magí Almirall Universitat Oberta de Catalunya Other Responsible for what has been the first truly interoperable higher ed online campus.
Kiran Kodithala N2N Services Inc. Administration Worked to develop solutions to address technology gaps with Student Information Systems and third-party product for education.
Rifka Cook Northwestern University Teaching Uses “clickers” to engage her students and increase their learning motivation.
Kenneth C. Green Campus Computing Project Research and Scholarship Research on campus IT planning and policy issues has helped to shape, inform, and advance the role of information technology.
Shaila Ittycheria Enstitute Business Models New low-cost model of higher education with an apprenticeship-based “Learn by Doing” approach.
Boundless   Business Models Revolutionizing textbooks and providing students with free alternatives.
Eric Stortz Colorado Technical University Student Life Sought to motivate and inspire students toward the completion of their academic goals.
Hannah Choi University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Other Challenges her Instructional Design team to use cutting-edge learning theories and instructional design models.
Ray Henderson Blackboard Inc. Other One of the first in industry to champion open education standards.
Judd Rattner Intellidemia Administration Provides much needed administrative efficiencies and ensures students are receiving the best possible communication.
Kyle Judah RecoVend Administration Focused on helping schools save money.
David K. Moldoff AcademyOne, Inc. Access Developed methods, workflows, and tools that help advance the full spectrum of today’s college learners.
Lev Gonick Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland OH Administration Founded OneCommunity to create a connected community throughout Northeast Ohio through ultra broadband wired and wireless networks.
Prof. Jin Kim Montclare and student Carlo Yuvienco Polytechnic Institute of New York University Access Developed an app for Brooklyn schools that is an educational tool about chemistry.
Mickey Levitan Courseload Teaching Transforming the way students access digital texts and classroom materials.
Prof. Nasir Memon Polytechnic Institute of New York University Teaching Energized and empowered a virtual army of youthful cyber ninjas to address a severe shortage of cybersecurity experts.
Andrew Gossen Cornell University Student Life Insightful leadership in using new technology to engage alumni through their social networks.
Fred Hurst Northern Arizona University Business Models Helps students pursue higher education through alternative learning environments.
Tyce Miller AirWatch Access Helping both students and staff at higher education institutions better use technology.
Mike Sweet Credo Business Models Partners with libraries to improve retention and support transferability of critical thinking and other information literacy skills beyond campus.
Mehdi Maghsoodnia Rafter, Inc. Business Models The driving force behind founding Rafter, which addresses issues around course materials to lower the overall cost of education nationwide.
Jared Ceja Chaffey College Business Models Under his guidance, the Chaffey College Bookstore has seen its market share increase over 50 percent this fall.
Chris Nixon University of Arkansas - Fayetteville Administration Produced several innovations this year that enhance services for students and the larger educational community.
Sam Gustman, Chief Technology Officer for ITS Shoah Foundation Institute for Visual History and Education, Associate Dean, USC Libraries University of Southern California Libraries Created a digital repository that allows the preservation and distribution of testimonials of survivors of the Holocaust and genocides around the world.
Chris Gamst CCS Presentation Systems Other Helps both students and administrations save time and money.
Karen Symms Gallagher University of Southern California Rossier School of Education Administration Launched an online Master of Arts in Teaching degree that has since graduated nearly 1,200 teachers in every state and in 40 countries.
Joseph Cevetello University of Southern California Administration Managing a program to update every learning space on campus and more effectively connect students and faculty with the learning environment best suited to their needs.
Stephen Lu University of Southern California Teaching The driving force behind an international education partnership that allows students from around the world to interact and collaborate in a virtual “classroom without borders.”
Michael Gosz, Ph.D. Illinois Institute of Technology Administration Leads one of IIT's newest signature initiatives: The Idea Shop, a 13,000 square foot facility composed of a rapid prototyping lab, collaborative teaming areas, and formal classroom space.
Richard A. DeMillo Georgia Institute of Technology Administration Leader in defining the next generation of educational practices and technologies for higher education.
Kayvon Beykpour Blackboard Inc. Other Leads the Blackboard Mobile team in San Francisco.
Allison Gage SOPHIA Other Closing the achievement and affordability gap by addressing the urgent social issues of academic disparity.
Jeff Grann Capella University Other Implementing near real-time reporting that contains information on each student’s demonstration of course competencies.
Ryen Borden, Executive Director of the Sanford Inspire Program Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, Arizona State University Teaching Creating a series of interactive video games to help novice teachers develop knowledge and skills.
Jon Kolko MyEdu Student Life Focuses on bringing the power of design to social enterprises, with an emphasis on entrepreneurship and large-scale industry disruption.
Michael Crosno MyEdu Access Has dedicated himself to improving what he calls the “return on education” for college students of all kinds.
Troy Williams   Publishing Responsible for managing a portfolio of innovative ed-tech companies that will directly impact students’ learning outcomes and behaviors.
Chip Paucek 2U (formerly 2tor) Business Models Co-founded 2U, which has impacted over 6,000 teachers, social workers, nurses, and public administrations.
K. Derek Weber Raritan Valley Community College Teaching Brings his classes to life through the intentional use of technology to incite inquiry based active learning.
Rebecca Joffrey Tuck School of Business Administration Responsible for leading the charge in transforming the way career conversations happen at Tuck School of Business.
Andrew Smith Lewis Cerego Business Models Democratizing adaptive learning platforms by making it possible for anyone to put brain science to use.
Gregory Möller, Ph.D University of Idaho Teaching Works at the bleeding edge of technology in the teaching and learning environment.
Dr. Stephen C-Y Lu University of Southern California Teaching Founder of the Viterbi iPodia Alliance, which allows students from countries across the globe to take the same class at the same time.
Joe Moxley University of South Florida Publishing Made significant arguments for the value of digital theses and dissertations and open source projects.
Sydney Beckman Lincoln Memorial University Administration Using interactive technology in each and every class session (with a very few exceptions).
Sallie Severns Answer Underground Other Helping students learn by connecting them with study groups across the country.
Taskstream Taskstream Administration Manage assessment data in a way that streamlines workflow and improves processes, engagement and utilization of data.
Robert Beichner North Carolina State University Teaching Treating the classroom and its furnishings as technology.
Scott Hines World Education University (WEU) Business Models Co-founded World Education University, the world’s first tuition-free, online, global higher education institution.
The InnovationSpace/Jennifer Sparrow Virginia Tech Teaching Supporting students through a variety of digital fluency trainings.
Sebastian Thrun Stanford/Udacity Business Models Struck a new deal to provide for-credit education on Udacity.
Todd A. Hitchcock, Senior Vice President, Online Solutions & Business Development for Pearson Pearson Learning Solutions Access Driving force in creating student-centered online courseware that provides rich and engaging learning experiences.
Andrew Tonge Kent State University Teaching Using a completely online computer learning model since 2011 for math courses.