6 Faculty Members at a Palestinian University Are Arrested for Suspected Hamas Ties

August 04, 2010

The Palestinian security services have arrested six faculty members and a student at An-Najah University, in Nablus, for ties to a charity that is suspected of being a Hamas front.

Among those arrested is Ghassan Khaled, a law professor released by Israel last November after being held for 20 months without trial in administrative detention.

Mr. Khaled told The Chronicle after his last detention that he was against violence and fully committed to peace and dialogue with Israel. He said he did not understand the suspicions against him.

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights called for the detainees' immediate release.

The center said in a written statement that it "condemns the continued arbitrary arrests and illegal detentions of members of Hamas by Palestinian security services in the West Bank, as these arrests and detentions are in violation of law."