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September 22, 2013

Higher education is undergoing a massive transformation. Gone are the days of the traditional in-person classroom, and born are the days of online, hybrid, flipped classes and MOOCs. Colleges, universities and instructors are under more pressure than ever to demonstrate their value to students, parents and government leaders.

Measuring the value of higher education may seem like an impossible undertaking, but institutions can start by measuring positive student outcomes. At Cengage Learning we identified student engagement as one factor that can positively influence student outcomes, and an area we feel we can really make a difference. The Community College Survey of Student Engagement reports that, the more actively engaged students are — with faculty and staff, with other students, and with the subject matter they study — the more likely they are to learn, to stick with their studies, and to attain their academic goals. As institutions are held more accountable for graduation rates and outcomes for funding, our support in driving engagement and making a real impact will become more and more important. 

With this collaborative spirit, we’re listening to educators, librarians and students to determine what contributes to an engaging learning experience. We don’t forget that our customers are people, and their needs and concerns stand at the center of our product development process. Whether we’re creating a fully online personalized learning experience for higher education courses, a next-generation research portal that facilitates the discovery of connections among disparate research materials, or hybrid learning environments that help students prepare for real-world professional situations, we remain dedicated to creating solutions that help individuals achieve their personal goals, in the manner that best suits their needs. As always, our respected, innovative content and our reliable pedagogy provide the building blocks of every resource we create.

Cengage Learning also understands that as educators, you are concerned with ensuring that every learner achieves the specified goals and outcomes established by your institution, your field of accrediting body, or yourself. In response we concern ourselves with developing learning solutions that facilitate your measurement and assessment of student performance and help you provide each student with everything necessary for success. 

We recognize that outcomes alone are not the sole measure of success, and student engagement is a key factor instructors need to focus on. By using Cengage Learning solutions such as MindTap, which enable students to deepen engagement through increased interaction with instructors, classmates and the course content itself, instructors can have a greater influence on student outcomes and achievement. And, through our wealth of rich content addressing your teaching concerns (including daily posts at theCengage Learning Blog), as well as the support available from ourEngagement Services team, you can acquire additional ideas that can help you engage your students while achieving those critical outcomes. 

As a community of learners —Cengage Learning employees included—we can all benefit from interaction, collaboration, and community. We invite you continue this conversation at the Cengage Learning Blog. Comment, contribute, and share your ideas with us, and with your colleagues.  Together, we can fulfill our quest to engage learners in today’s education environment.