Graduate Students

A Mysterious Silence Emanates From Warren National U.

August 25, 2008

Warren National University appears to be in trouble.

A note on its Web site says the institution has “suspended, until further notice, the admission or reactivation of students into our degree programs.” What this means for current students is unclear.

Warren National, which is unaccredited, has an interesting history. Previously known as Kennedy-Western University, it has moved from Idaho to California to its current home, Wyoming. It received some unwelcome publicity in 2004, when it and several other unaccredited institutions were the subjects of an investigation by the General Accounting Office. It later changed its name to Warren National.

For the past few days, the university’s Web site has been down. The note blames the decision on “economic uncertainty.” Multiple calls to the university today went to employees’ voice-mail. Even the campus operator failed to answer. —Thomas Bartlett