A Unified and Modern Administrative Solution for Higher Education

April 23, 2013

Workday provides the only unified global Human Capital Management, Payroll, and Financial Management solution delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS) and uniquely designed for the needs of Higher Education.

With Workday, you can:

•  Leverage the SaaS delivery model to reduce costs and free up valuable resources

•  Adopt a flexible, modern platform that can adapt to your changing needs

•  Effectively manage administration of faculty, staff, researchers and student workers around the world

•  Gain unprecedented global visibility across multiple or decentralized campuses and other related entities

•  Provide real-time financial and operational insight to both internal and external stakeholders

•  Ensure proper stewardship of funds and strong financial controls

Administrative systems currently running at most colleges and universities were designed decades ago. Due to the inflexibility of these now antiquated technologies, institutions have been forced to cobble together disparate systems to address their evolving administrative needs. These costly, rigid systems simply cannot keep up with the rate of change facing today’s institutions.

Workday offers a better alternative. Workday’s unified administrative solution includes key components that stay current with your institution’s changing needs in Human Resources, Talent and Faculty Management, Benefits, Payroll, and Financial Management. With a SaaS solution, you can free up your IT team to focus on other critical university-related projects rather than spending resources on maintaining administrative systems.

A Unified Solution Specifically Designed for Higher Education

•  Leverage best-in-class Human Capital Management, Payroll, and Financial Management functionality—all in one unified solution

•  Manage faculty information, including appointments and tenure status, within Workday for improved visibility into one of your institution’s most important resources

•  Streamline business processes and improve data accuracy with a single source of the truth

A Real SaaS Platform That Reduces Costs

•  Requires no on-premise hardware or software, which dramatically reduces implementation costs and time to value as well as on-going operational costs

•  Allows you to realign IT resources from the administration, maintenance, and operation of systems to more strategic initiatives

•  Provides greater predictability in terms of future costs by eliminating unforeseen costs associated with on premise upgrades or outages

•  Seamlessly integrates with other systems across your IT landscape including your student information systems

Foundation for Shared Services

•  Employee, Manager, and Executive Self Service delivered in the browser or mobile device

•  More than 200 business processes optimized with industry best practices to enable institutions to standardize

•  Global best practices and support for local in-country HR requirements, including 20+ language translations and core worker data support in over 200 countries

Unprecedented Visibility In To Financial and Operational Information

•  Design reports and gain insight in real time directly from within the application with built-in analytics

•  Allocate labor costs across different accounting dimensions, including: grants, fund, program, project, and/or customer defined dimension

•  Maintain compliance with external reporting requirements, and ensure proper stewardship of funds and strong financial controls

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