Admissions Official, Concerned About Image, Dumps Student Newspaper in Trash

April 12, 2009

Another student newspaper saw an issue disappear last week, when an admissions official at Ohio Wesleyan University grabbed as many as 200 copies of the paper from racks in a campus center and threw them in the trash, The Columbus Dispatch reported.

This time, the action was prompted by a front-page article in the April 2 issue of the student paper, The Transcript, about a campus drinking tradition, which was prominently illustrated by a bottle of beer. A university employee, described in an article in last Thursday’s Transcript as a “junior Admissions Office staff member,” was concerned about how the article would look to prospective students and their parents who were visiting last Sunday. University officials have apologized to the student newspaper’s staff.

The incident marks the third time in recent weeks that large numbers of a student newspaper have been misappropriated. At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, two campus police officers admitted trashing hundreds of copies of the student newspaper, The Tech. The issue featured an article about a fellow officer who had been arrested on drug charges. And late last month, nearly all copies of an issue of the Utah Valley University student paper went missing. Two women later came forward to say they had taken the papers for an art project. —Charles Huckabee