Alleged Harassment by Renowned Researcher Prompts Suit Against Yale

December 02, 2006

An internationally known researcher and head of the pharmacology department at Yale University, Joseph Schlessinger, subjected his secretary to a range of sexually harassing incidents during the three years she worked for him, and now she is suing the university for failing to do anything in response to her repeated complaints, The Hartford Courant reported.

Mr. Schlessinger, a member of the National Academy of Sciences, shared the $1-million Dan David Prize last spring for his work in figuring out how information flows between a cell surface and the cell — studies credited with laying the groundwork for several treatments for cancer.

His former secretary, Mary Beth Garceau, is suing Yale for back pay, benefits, legal fees, and damages. A Yale spokesman said he thought no laws were broken, but he declined to say whether Mr. Schlessinger’s alleged extracurricular activities violated the university’s policy on sexual harassment.