Almanac of Higher Education 2012

August 26, 2012

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Campus leaders and college professors encountered urgent calls for change in how they do business in 2011-12.

Economic and technological forces continued to reshape campus workplaces. Administrators closed and consolidated academic programs and had to rely increasingly on adjunct instructors, who now make up 70 percent of the professoriate. And leaders also face stagnation in their own ranks. | Read More »



Full professors at four-year institutions earned that amount, on average, in 2011-12.


Female professors make, on average, only about four-fifths as much as their male counterparts do.


College presidents' pay has risen that much from 2006-7 to 2010-11.


E. Gordon Gee, president of Ohio State University, earned that amount in total compensation in 2010-11, making him the highest-paid chief executive of a public college.

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