Animal-Rights Militants Say They Put Bomb Under UCLA Scientist's Car

June 29, 2007

In another attempted attack on a UCLA professor by animal-rights extremists, federal and local authorities are investigating the placement of a bomb on Sunday under a car belonging to an eye researcher at the university. The explosive failed to detonate, according to today’s Los Angeles Times. The incident resembles one last summer, in which activists claimed to have tried to bomb the residence of another researcher at the University of California at Los Angeles. That explosive also failed to blow up, and it was left at the wrong house in any event.

This year’s anonymous assailants, like last year’s, claimed credit for the attack through the North American Animal Liberation Press Office, which was co-founded by a professor who is a leading activist. The intended target of last year’s bomb subsequently abandoned his research on monkeys, while UCLA’s acting chancellor, Norman Abrams, announced steps to stop what he called the harassment of researchers by animal-rights activists.

On Thursday, Mr. Abrams issued a statement condemning the latest attack and defending the research. The university and the FBI are jointly offering a $60,000 reward for information about the 2006 bombing. —Andrew Mytelka