Letters to the Editor

Attack on Scientist Displays 'Ignorance and Falsehoods'

August 29, 2012

To the Editor:

It is shocking you provided a forum for Peter Wood to publish such a slanderous piece on a climate scientist ("A Culture of Evasion," The Chronicle, July 13). Whatever your logic and rationalization for doing so, it does not reflect well on your publication and your organization, and it makes me question your true commitment to higher education. I can be sure that, in a couple of decades, when the effects of global warming are causing immense suffering here and around the globe, you will be bleating in little whiny voices that "there was no way we could have known global warming was going to be this bad, so don't blame us for allowing people like Mr. Wood to prevent meaningful action 20 years ago."

You're wrong, Mr. Wood is wrong, but we're all going to suffer for your display of ignorance and falsehoods.

William Asher

Principal Oceanographer

Department of Air-Sea Interaction and Remote Sensing

Applied Physics Laboratory

University of Washington