One Student's Journey From Ulan Bator to the U.S.

August 15, 2012

This June, 20 female students—from Myanmar, Egypt, Libya, Mongolia, and Tunisia—traveled to the United States for the inaugural Global Women's Leadership Institute, part of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's Women in Public Service project. With a grant from the State Department, Saint Mary's College, in Notre Dame, Ind., played host to the participants, who stayed in dormitories with Saint Mary’s students.

After a month of women's-history classes, they took a trip to the East Coast, culminating in a visit to Washington. Hager, a 24-year-old from Tunisia, and Enkhbayar, a 21-year-old from Mongolia, were among those who made the journey. They toured the monuments with Ambreen Ahmad, a student at Saint Mary's.

In the audio below, Enkhbayar—a student from a family of Mongolian sheepherders—talks about life in Ulan Bator, and about how the institute has changed her plans for the future.

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Photos: Pete Marovich for The Chronicle