Bates College Investigates Party That Turned Violent, Resulting in Injuries and Arrests

May 27, 2010

Bates College, in Maine, is conducting an investigation after a traditional party for seniors turned rowdy this week, resulting in violent clashes between students and police officers, 11 arrests, and accusations of excessive force.

The party began late Tuesday, and the trouble began around midnight, after some partiers refused to clear a path for an ambulance that had been called to a dormitory, according a report by WMTW-TV and a statement on the college's Web site.

Campus officers called in the Lewiston police for assistance, but some partiers still refused to disperse. During the altercations that followed, one officer's leg was broken in two places, and a student was charged with aggravated assault.

Another police officer and some students also reportedly were injured.

In its statement, the college said that the incident was "highly unusual for Bates" and stressed that college officials "have great concern for our students' safety at all times."

Any students who are found to have violated the college's student-conduct code will be subject to disciplinary proceedings, the statement says, although it also urges "all campus constituencies to refrain from making assumptions until all the facts become available."