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Baylor U. Regents Fire President, Citing Failure to Unite Campus

July 24, 2008

Baylor University’s Board of Regents today fired the university’s president, John M. Lilley, effective immediately. Mr. Lilley, Baylor’s president since November 2005, had been at the center of several recent controversies, including over a reported uptick in tenure denials.

In a conference call with reporters, Howard K. Batson, the board’s chair, said no single issue had led to the termination. But he said Mr. Lilley had failed to unite campus constituencies in pursuing the university’s ambitious strategic plan, dubbed Baylor 2012, which seeks to elevate its research profile while strengthening its Baptist character.

“We didn’t really see the Baylor family coming together, like we had envisioned it doing,” Mr. Batson said.

Mr. Lilley’s dismissal comes less than four years after the ouster of his predecessor, Robert B. Sloan Jr., who resigned after frequent clashes with faculty members.

Tomorrow’s Daily Report will have more coverage of this story. —Paul Fain