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Break Through to Improved Outcomes in Online Learning

April 07, 2014

Technology-enabled learning continues to transform higher education, with millions of students taking at least one online course. As learners’ demand for access to flexible, quality learning opportunities increases, institutions are working with transformative education service providers that can meet the changing needs of today’s non-traditional students. Pearson works with institutions to provide innovative solutions, services and delivery models that measurably improve students’ achievement and workforce readiness at a lower cost. 

As Online Learning evolves, so do the various learning models for building courses and programs for distinct audiences. These new approaches often meet the need for accelerating completion or providing even greater access. Drawing from learning science research, including learning design, Pearson provides numerous online offerings that enable next generation learning experiences.

Developing Effective Digital Learning Experiences with Comprehensive Services
In order to provide quality online programs that stand out from the crowd, institutions need to ensure that key program elements are in place; however, the task of creating and maintaining successful online learning programs can be daunting when completed alone. As the leading provider of online learning services, Pearson partners with institutions to offer market research and program/institutional readiness, program funding, marketing to prospective students, student recruitment, curriculum model design, course design and development, faculty support and training, management of the online learning environment, and student retention, all designed to increase student satisfaction and success in this growing population of remote learners.

Putting Learners First: Competency-based Education
Competency-based Education is an emerging model that is building a foundation for achievement by allowing institutions to serve more students in less time, at lower cost, with a focus on real learning that leads to greater employability. Pearson works with institutions to develop competency-based online degree programs that target not just the student’s ability to know something well, but the ability to apply that knowledge in proper context. Our team of talented, highly credentialed instructional design and curriculum experts develop quality, instructionally-sound curriculum, content and educational solutions that benefit the student, the instructor, the institution and the economy.

Harnessing the Power of Evidenced-based Learning Design
In a world where excellence in online education is increasingly expected, efficient and high-quality instructional design is a priority. Pearson’s powerful suite of over 130 award-winning, comprehensive online courses, CourseConnect™ uses the latest findings in evidenced-based learning design to promote a quality teaching experience for instructors, and an impactful, relevant educational experience for students.

Improving Management and Sharing of Digital Learning Content
With the influx of numerous types of educational content — from premium content to freely available Open Educational Resources (OER) and user generated materials — institutions are often burdened by the process of storing, tagging, retrieving, and sharing learning assets. Institutions use the EQUELLA® digital repository to easily identify, manage and provide shared access to high quality course content that enhances the learning experience while actively supporting accreditation requirements.

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