Break Through to Innovation in Digital Learning

April 23, 2013

With more than 6.7 million students taking at least one course online, higher education institutions are responding to this demand by investing in digital learning solutions and looking for highly qualified partners to support them as they move to meet students’ needs. Pearson creates innovative digital products and services that help institutions break through to improved outcomes. From providing online course development services that leverage the latest findings in evidenced-based learning design, to redesigning an entire course or program with deep curriculum design expertise and personalized learning strategies, Pearson partners with institutions to help them create meaningful digital learning experiences for their students.

Harnessing the Power of Evidenced-based Learning Design

In a world where excellence in online education is increasingly expected, efficient and high-quality instructional design is a priority. Pearson’s powerful suite of over 130 award-winning, comprehensive online courses, CourseConnect™ uses the latest findings in evidenced-based learning design to promote a quality teaching experience for instructors, and an impactful, relevant educational experience for students.

Leveraging Curriculum Design Expertise and Personalized Learning Products for Effective Course Redesign

Higher education institutions are constantly seeking new ways to serve more students, while improving their academic achievement. Pearson’s team of well-credentialed curriculum development experts redesign courses and programs utilizing digital learning products that enable students to learn at their own pace and measure their progress. A collection of online homework, tutorial, and assessment products, MyLab and Mastering from Pearson helps institutions break through to improved results for students and faculty through customizable and dynamic technologies — driven by data and analytics and supported with premium Pearson content.

Meeting the Challenge of College Readiness with Digital Innovation

According to the American Freshman 2012 Report, about 8 in 10 said they expected to graduate from their institution in four years, but national statistics show that only about 4 in 10 do so. Pearson’s digital solutions and services support institutions in their efforts to meet the challenge of college readiness. MyFoundationsLab is a complete online mastery-based resource for assessing and remediating college- and career-readiness skills in reading, writing and mathematics. This highly effective, developmental learning tool boosts college readiness, providing a resource to equip students.

Developmental learning students also need additional support to achieve college readiness. With Pearson’s Smarthinking on-demand online tutoring service, institutions can offer all of their students the continuous support they need to achieve their academic goals. To specifically address the challenges of completion and access, Pearson’s Propero service enables institutions to offer students an alternative to on-site classes (which are often overbooked, or pose scheduling issues to some students) in the form of self-paced, online, rigorous college courses.

Improving Management and Sharing of Digital Learning Content

With the influx of numerous types of educational content — from premium content to freely available Open Educational Resources (OER) and user generated materials — institutions are often burdened by the process of storing, tagging, retrieving, and sharing learning assets. Institutions use the EQUELLA® digital repository to easily identify, manage and provide shared access to high quality course content that enhances the learning experience for students, improves outcomes and helps to support accreditation requirements.

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