September 05, 2013

Cheating in Higher Education

Help us gather data on cheating

Many colleges tout their academic-integrity policies, but few post data documenting the prevalence of student cheating. So how do we know what's working and which colleges have a cheating problem? We don't. That's why The Chronicle is asking readers to help us gather cheating statistics from their universities.

We've put together the following form to make it easy for you to reach out to your college, ask for cheating statistics, and then submit them to us. We will then look through the data we receive to find trends and stories for future reporting. We'll also post whatever data we receive.

To get started, search for your university below.

Step One


Search for your institution. We have provided the number to the university’s main line when possible.

Step Two

Here are the questions to ask the university's academic integrity office.
You've populated all the years we're collecting data for. If you have more please feel free to e-mail cheating@chronicle.com.
Add year

Enter the number of reported instances of academic dishonesty that was provided by the university. Please request the data from the last six years, if possible. If the institution does not have data that goes back that far, please enter what you can.

Step Three

Phone number
Phone number

Please provide the name of the person you talked to at the institution so that we may contact him or her if we have any questions. Also, please include your contact information in case we need to reach out to you.