Letters to the Editor

College Completion Is Key to a Competitive Edge

February 22, 2011

To the Editor:

Just a few days after President Obama pointed to improving college completion rates as key to the United States' regaining its competitive edge against other nations, the College Board highlighted the linchpin to making that goal a reality.

"College-Completion Campaign Opens With Forum in Maryland" (The Chronicle, January 31) detailed the College Board's State Capitals Campaign and the organization's plan to stress the importance of more students earning their college degrees in state capitals across the country.

I applaud the effort. Many of us were inspired by the president's call for the focus on higher education; however, if leaders at the state and local levels aren't committed to improving college-completion outcomes, then we, as a nation, will never get there. The president is right to set the goal for the nation, but we will only meet it when governors, mayors, administrators, principals, teachers, mothers, and fathers make it their goal as well.

America will be on its best competitive footing when we all work together to improve our college completion rates. Let us all embrace this national goal and continue to strengthen our great country.

Kai Drekmeier
San Francisco