Ex-Dean Sues U. of Georgia, Saying He Was Forced Out on a Pretext

June 28, 2006

A former dean of the journalism school at the University of Georgia has sued the university, asserting that it failed to give him a formal hearing when a sexual-harassment complaint was filed against him last year, according to a report in today’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The former dean, John Soloski, stepped down as dean last year and returned to the faculty while he was being investigated for making comments about a female colleague’s appearance. In his lawsuit, Mr. Soloski says the university’s president, Michael F. Adams, used the sexual-harassment complaint as a pretext to demote him because of a longstanding grudge between the two men.

Mr. Soloski said he is seeking “a chance to clear my name,” as well as unspecified damages for breach of contract and retaliation.