George Jones U. to Give Insights on Country Music

January 18, 2007

A new “university” named for the country-music legend George Jones will teach students how to get their boot in the door of Nashville’s music industry, the Associated Press reports. According to Tandy Rice, a music executive who will preside as dean of George Jones University, the idea came from Trump University, Donald Trump’s M.B.A.-meets-Cracker Jacks institution. Mr. Jones and his wife, Nancy, are among Jones University’s partners. The first three-day session will be held in late March, at a cost of $300 per student, and quarterly seminars are to follow. Among the planned topics are the history of country music, the politics of Music Row, and recording contracts. Given Mr. Jones’s famous legal and marital troubles, we humbly suggest adding components on driver education, marriage advice, and 12-step (not to be confused with the two-step).