State Support for Higher Education Continues to Fall

January 24, 2011

About These Data

These figures were reported by the Center for the Study of Education Policy at Illinois State U. and State Higher Education Executive Officers. Figures include state tax appropriations, other state monies, and federal stimulus monies.

North Dakota, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming enact state appropriations every two years. Figures for New York include only state support for the City University of New York, State University of New York, and student aid.

These figures do not include appropriations for capital outlays and debt service, nor do they include appropriations from local governments.

The data were collected from September to mid-January and are subject to change, particularly this year, as many states face budget gaps and may cut financing for higher education. Percentages shown are rounded to one decimal.

Different budgeting practices among the states make it impossible to ensure that all figures are perfectly comparable.

Percentage changes were not adjusted for inflation.