Kent State U. Drops Faculty Sabbaticals for Next Year

February 19, 2009

Kent State University has canceled faculty sabbaticals for 2009-10 in order to save money, the Daily Kent Stater reported today. The move, which will affect 60 professors, will save the public university some $500,000 at a time of belt-tightening across higher education.

The provost, Robert G. Frank, said students would now be more likely to be taught by full-time faculty members instead of adjuncts or other part-timers. He also said professors denied leave could appeal the decision to him. Sabbaticals are typically taken to pursue research or professional development.

Kent State isn’t the only university to have taken this step since the economy turned sour last year. The University of Georgia announced in August, just days before the start of the fall term, that faculty research leaves had been canceled for the 2008-9 academic year, although it was unclear if all professors with scheduled sabbaticals had been affected. —Andrew Mytelka