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September 23, 2013

Academic Partnerships (AP) believes in the transformative power of higher education and how it enriches the human spirit, improves standards of living and creates a productive and highly skilled workforce. We are guided by the principle that the opportunities afforded through online learning, which is growing more than nine times the rate of on-campus instruction, make post-secondary education more accessible and achievable for all global citizens.

Serving more than 40 public universities in the United States and numerous top institutions around the world, AP is the industry’s leader in helping partner schools expand their reach by offering their programs online to a global audience. Through our offices around the world, we partner with universities to convert their traditional degrees into an online format, recruit qualified students, and support enrolled students through graduation. AP’s unique network of top international institutions facilitates co-branding opportunities with local brands that have a strong domestic following.

AP serves its partners through a university-centric model founded on the principle of close cross-functional collaboration with faculty and administrative leadership at each partner institution. This approach leads to a considerable enrollment and revenue growth for the university while preserving quality and integrity of academic programs. To assist our partners with transition to the online delivery of instruction, AP provides the upfront capital and critical know-how to launch and operate an online campus. Our strategies help universities remain highly competitive and cutting edge as they serve 21st century students.

AP is continuously seeking to increase its value proposition to its partners by bringing them complimentary access to industry-leading products and services such as Canvas, a leading learning platform;, a job marketplace for students; and Instructional Connections, a virtual teaching assistants organization that helps scaling of online programs. In addition, we bring our university partners innovative initiatives such as MOOC2Degree that set them apart in a highly competitive higher education marketplace. Lastly, our partners benefit from insight from thought leaders who comprise our Senior Advisory Board, which includes:  Harvard Business School professor Dr. Clayton Christensen; international distance learning pioneer Sir John Daniel; international leader in education reform, innovation, quality assurance, and accreditation Stamenka Uvalić-Trumbić; international education expert and Chair of the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority, Dr. Barry McGaw; and former Governors Jeb Bush and James B. Hunt Jr.

Academic Partnerships is proud to partner with outstanding universities around the world that believe in expanding access through technology to top quality and affordable education for all qualified students.