Editorial Staff

January 01, 2009

Marc Parry

Senior Reporter

Marc Parry is a senior reporter at The Chronicle Review, covering research in the humanities and social sciences. He writes about people and debates shaping the world of ideas. Recent stories profiled Dani Rodrik, an economist caught up in a purported military plot to topple the Turkish government; David Brion Davis, a slavery scholar who trained generations of historians; and Saskia Sassen, an authority on globalization who has confronted her father's relationship with Adolf Eichmann.

Before moving to the ideas beat, he covered technology for The Chronicle, reporting on subjects like distraction, data-mining, online education, digital humanities, privacy and copyright. He co-wrote a report about the Gates Foundation's influence on higher education, which earned an investigative reporting prize from the Education Writers Association.

Parry joined The Chronicle in 2009. Previously he worked as a reporter for daily newspapers in Massachusetts and New York. He studied literature at the University of Michigan and journalism at Columbia. He lives in Washington, D.C.