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Mechanical Specifications

April 23, 2009


Column Widths
1 column:  1 5/8" (9 1/2 picas)
2 columns:  3 3/8" (20 picas)
3 columns:  5" (30 1/2 picas)
4 columns:  6 3/4" (41 picas)
5 columns:  8 1/2" (51 1/2 picas)
6 columns:  10 1/4" (62 picas)


Size Dimension (column x depth)
Full page    6 columns X 13 1/2"
3/4 page    6 columns X 10"
2/3 page    4 columns X 13 1/2"
1/2 page vertical    3 columns X 13 1/2"
1/2 page horizontal    6 columns X 6 3/4"
1/4 page    3 columns X 6 3/4"
Two page spread    12 columns X 13 1/2"

Black and White Materials

This Web site is the easiest way to submit your ad -- and by using this form your ad can go online within 24 hours. Ads placed by 2 p.m. Eastern time are posted on the Web site the next business day.

You can also e-mail the ad text to us, either in the body of your e-mail or as an attachment, to In addition to word-processing documents, we can accept camera-ready material in the following formats: Acrobat PDF files, EPS files, and Quark Xpress files.

Four-Color Materials


  • The deadline to receive all color materials is the Friday (5 p.m. Eastern time) one week prior to the published deadline.

Mechanical specifications for film

  • A Chromalin or Matchprint color-calibrated composite proof must accompany all art.
  • Color separated offset negatives (85-100 line screen accepted; 100 preferred), right-reading emulsion side down. Composite Chromalin or Matchprint proof is required.

Mechanical specifications for digital files

  • Provide only native documents.
  • Do not make any color corrections in the file.
  • All fonts (printer and screen fonts) and any linked graphic files (photographs, logos, etc.) must be included to ensure that final output meets specifications. Please be sure to use Postscript Type 1 or 3 fonts. We cannot accept ads using TruType fonts.
  • Acceptable file formats are: Quark Xpress, Photoshop, Illustrator.
  • We cannot accept Pagemaker or Microsoft Word files.
  • We cannot accept any PMS or non-process colors.
  • Press gain is typically 35 percent.
  • Bleeds are available at fold margins only. No outside bleeds are available.
  • Maximum color density is 240.
  Highlight Midtone Shadow
Cyan 0-5% 35-55% 60-65%
Magenta, Yellow 0-2% 35-55% 60-65%
Black 0% 0-20% 40-45%

Digital file-type information

  • Supply ad at 100 percent of print size.
  • 200 dots per inch.
  • 100 line screen.
  • We accept EPS, TIF, and JPEG files; JPEG files should be saved at the highest quality (10-12 range) without compression. Do not send GIF files.
  • Do not use compression on any file types.

File-transmission information

  • Advertiser or agency must have an Internet service provider (ISP).
  • Advertiser or agency must have FTP software running.
  • Files should be transmitted by FTP to Chronicle Careers' FTP site. Call (202) 466-1050 to receive the server location and the password.
  • Do not send color ads as e-mail attachments.