Academic Workplace 2014

July 21, 2014

Seventh Annual Survey

Great Colleges to Work For 2014


Great Colleges Create a Culture of Accountability and Cooperation

More than 43,500 staff and faculty members weighed in for this year’s survey about what makes certain institutions great places to work.

Why Mentors Matter

The Difference Mentoring Makes

Everyone agrees that it helps new professors find their way. But it works best when colleges recognize and support mentors’ efforts.

'I've Always Thought of Myself More as a Midwife'

Kathleen Conzen, a historian at the University of Chicago, inspired such devotion among her mentees that they held a symposium on her when she retired.

'It's Lifetime Service'

Stanley N. Katz, a historian at Princeton University, is proud to say he has stayed in touch with students he taught as far back as the 1960s.

'Give Them Good Advice'

Robert T. Paine, a retired ecologist at the University of Washington, is known for encouraging students to follow their own interests.

'You Pay It Forward'

Richard A. Tapia, a mathematician at Rice University, says he knows how to be both a friend and an adviser to his students.

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Spotting a Bad Adviser--and How to Pick a Good One

How can you avoid a picking a bad mentor if you’re not sure what you’re looking for in the first place?

Trouble Finding Mentors on Campus? Go Online

The new era of mentoring is based increasingly on relationships created within virtual spaces, but they don’t just happen. Here’s how to develop them.

What Mentors Often Miss

Although it’s rarely discussed, a personal relationship is what makes mentoring meaningful for both parties.

On The Job

The Uncertain Future of Academic Work

Now more than ever, those employed in higher education face the forces of change.

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The Difference a Boss Makes

Tenure-line faculty members don’t have bosses. Administrators really, really do.

Job Seekers, Don't Curb Your Enthusiasm

Search committees spend a lot of time thinking about which finalist seems to want the job most.