Online Learning Continues to Grow

September 23, 2013

How Can Institutions Improve Learning Outcomes?
According to the 2012 Survey of Online Learning conducted by the Babson Survey Research Group, 77 percent of academic leaders rate the learning outcomes in online education as the same or superior to those in face-to-face classes. Increasingly, students who need a flexible path to earning a degree are looking to online learning programs to access quality, affordable higher education. To meet this growing demand, higher education institutions are investing in educational solutions and services that are uniquely designed to improve access, achievement and affordability.

Powering Effective Online Learning Programs that Drive Student Achievement
Eduventures projects more than 11 percent annual online enrollment growth from 2010-2015. Pearson is committed to developing effective online learning programs that expand access to education, give institutions data and insights to improve student achievement, and help to make a quality education more affordable. Data, analytics and adaptive learning are fundamental to improving individual student achievement. Using our Pearson technology to connect infrastructure, instruction, and assessment, Pearson provides institutions with unique insight into student performance. Our access to rich data on millions of learners, combined with our advanced capabilities in data analytics and our leading efficacy research, allows us to surface actionable, data-driven insights to inform a personalized learning path for every student.

Accelerating Degree Completion with Innovative, Emerging Learning Models
Competency-based learning is one emerging model that is building a foundation for achievement by allowing institutions to serve more students in less time, at lower cost, with a focus on real learning that leads to greater employability. With an emphasis on students progressing as they demonstrate mastery of competencies, regardless of the amount of seat time, students are able to accelerate their learning experience. Pearson partners with institutions to develop and design competency-based online degree programs that target not just the student's ability to know something well, but the ability to apply that knowledge in proper context. Our Custom Curriculum team of talented, highly credentialed instructional design and curriculum development experts work with institutions to develop quality, instructionally-sound curriculum, content and educational solutions that improve learning outcomes.

Improving Access and Completion with Self-Paced, Online Courses
Self-paced learning is another approach that provides students with greater flexibility. Institutions partner with Pearson to enable their students to master rigorous material at their own pace, using award-winning content and academic support. With Pearson’s Propero™, institutions can expand options for flexible programs by offering a fully-supported, self-paced course option to students who may be shut out of fully-booked classes, or who could benefit from added flexibility when earning those extra few credits. 

Improving College and Career Readiness
Institutions everywhere struggle with getting underprepared students into credit-bearing courses quickly and effectively. As more students enter college, it’s essential to provide them with every opportunity to succeed, complete college, and enter the workforce. With a focus on accelerating the acquisition of basic skills, Pearson helps institutions to break through to better results in college and career readiness, by moving students successfully through a personalized program focused on the areas each student needs to improve.

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