Richard Merritt, Founding President of University Photographers' Group, Dies at 90

Lisa Nugent, U. of New Hampshire

Richard Merritt exhibited his own photographs and taught at the U. of New Hampshire for almost 40 years.
January 29, 2012

When a 40-year-old horse barn on the University of New Hampshire campus caught fire in 1961, Richard Merritt, university photographer, captured the scene of students and townspeople helping firefighters put out the blaze. Mr. Merritt, who died on January 8 at age 90, served the institution as both university photographer and photography instructor from 1948 to 1970. He continued teaching photography at New Hampshire and retired in 1986 as an associate professor in the arts. Known as a low-key, supportive teacher who taught the basics to beginners and encouraged students who pursued the avant-garde, Mr. Merritt widely exhibited his own photography and mixed-media work, including at the University of New Hampshire Museum of Art last year. He was also founding president of the University Photographers' Association of America, started in 1961.