Technology Innovators: Nominees Submitted By Readers

February 26, 2012
Name Institution or company Category Big idea
College of Southern Nevada Libraries College of Southern Nevada Libraries Put library information online
John Boyer Virginia Tech Teaching Transform the lecture
Don Kassner and Jarrod Morgan ProctorU Teaching Use Webcams and screen-sharing to ensure integrity of online exams
Steve Gordon Ohio Supercomputing Center Teaching Set up virtual schools to teach modeling and simulation to college students
Connexions Connexions Publishing, Teaching Publish open-education resources
Paul LeBlanc Southern New Hampshire University Teaching Make online education affordable for everyone
Aaron Doering University of Minnesota Teaching Create "adventure learning" quests
Slaven Zivkovic Springshare Publishing Connect students with library content
Adaptive Technology Lab University of Toledo Teaching Make technology more accessible
Andrew Gossen Cornell University Student Life Reach more alumni with technology
Nicholas Spooner University of Sydney Teaching Educate in virtual worlds ePravesh Student Life Put admissions systems online
Punya Mishra and Matt Koehler Michigan State University Teaching Create a technical framework to understand the way technology, content, and pedagogy work together
Tristan Denley Austin Peay State University Student Life Develop a Netflix for course recommendations
Tom Bruce Legal Information Institute at Cornell Law School Legal Start a legal-information institute
Jeanette Wing Carnegie Mellon University Software Use "computational thinking" to transform learning
Campus Guide Mobile Platform Dub Labs Software Integrate mobile devices into learning-management systems
Center for History and New Media George Mason University Libraries Host collections online with
Amanda Rockinson-Szapkiw Liberty University Software Use Sharepoint to boost retention rate
Kenny Morrell Rhodes College Teaching Bring small departments together to offer collaborative courses in Greek and Latin
Paige Krabill Capella University Software, Teaching Use community software for specific disciplines
Rey Junco Lock Haven University Research Study how social media impacts students' psychological development
Matt Waite University of Nebraska at Lincoln Publishing Develop PolitiFact Web site
Dennis Trinkle KnowU Software Improve learning with a new social-media platform
Kognito Interactive Kognito Interactive Software Build online simulations to help students suffering from psychological distress
Salman Khan Khan Academy Teaching Use video tutorials and automatic grading to make education free
Peter Norvig Google Research Open free courses for everyone
Sabastian Thrun Stanford University Research Open free courses for everyone
Lance Tomei University of Central Florida Research Improve institutional effectiveness with online assessment systems
Ronald Yaros University of Maryland at College Park Teaching Transform journalism with mobile platforms
Melissa Jacoby University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Teaching Use iPads to improve legal education
Preetha Ram OpenStudy Software Share study materials online
SituCon Systems SituCon Systems Software Protect student and staff privacy with safety technology
Postsecondary Electronic Standards Council Postsecondary Electronic Standards Council Software Connect university data systems to lower costs
Larry Johnson New Media Consortium Teaching Report on technology innovations in higher education
Academic Room Academic Room Software Share academic material online
Mickey Levitan Courseload Publishing Integrate e-textbooks into mainstream curricula
Scott McLeod University of Kentucky Teaching Use technology to advance leadership in education
Andy Rundquist Hamline University Teaching Change physics education with a "Global Physics Department"
Literati Credo Reference Software Streamline research tools
Society of Architectural Historians Society of Architectural Historians Publishing Transform humanities publishing with online tools
Mads Soegaard Interaction-Design Publishing, Research Open education materials
UCosmic Consortium UCosmic Consortium Software Map global university activities
Michael Saylor Saylor Foundation Teaching, Publishing Free education for all
Flat World Knowledge Flat World Knowledge Publishing Make e-textbooks better
Paul Courant University of Michigan at Ann Arbor Libraries, Publishing Offer distributed library services
Committee on Institutional Cooperation Committee on Institutional Cooperation Teaching Share expertise across institutions
University of New Mexico at Valencia University of New Mexico at Valencia Teaching Make learning easier with classroom capture tools
BJ Fogg Stanford University Research, Teaching, Software Design machines to change humans
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Library California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo Libraries Encourage student-centric collaboration
Knewton Knewton Software Improve adaptive learning and analytics
Center for New Media Teaching and Learning Columbia University Software, Teaching Many uses of technology
Ali Jafari Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis Software, Teaching Improve learning through social networking with new tool called "coursenetworking"
GradesFirst GradesFirst Teaching Improve academic advising and tutoring through technology
Purdue Academic Technologies Unit Purdue University Teaching, Software Many tech innovations
Frank Lyman MyEdu Software, Student Life Online platform for degree planning, credit management
Keith Koch Capella University Teaching Create a learning community for adult students
ClassOwl ClassOwl Software Make a student-built social academic platform
iversity iversity Software Provide an open platform for courses and group collaboration
Department of New Media and Extended Learning University of New Mexico at Albequerque Teaching Grow a fully online higher-education program
Phil Komarny Seton Hill University Teaching Give iPads to everyone
Northern Michigan University Northern Michigan University Teaching Deploy WiMAX technology to improve educational access in a rural areas
ScholarPRO ScholarPRO Software Make it easier for students to find private scholarships
Saint Leo University Saint Leo University Teaching Bring a Catholic liberal-arts college into online education in a big way
Pooja Sankar Piazza Software Improve classroom engagement by helping students ask questions
John Jamison ImagiLearning Software Create a new learning-management system
Coursekit Coursekit Software Humanize large lectures
Center for Distance Learning State University of New York Empire State College Teaching Change classroom learning with digital tools
Scholastica Scholastica Publishing Open up academic publishing
Michael Staton Inigral Software Improve enrollment with college-specific social networks
GoodSemester GoodSemester Software Offer free interactive courses to everyone
Kim Brown Syracuse University Student Life Engage alumni through online video
Eric Fortenberry OrgSync Software Organize campus groups with online tools
Tim Stelzer University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Teaching Transform physics lectures with interactive tools
Lodge McCammon North Carolina State University Teaching Flip the classroom
Mobile Learning Initiative Abilene Christian University Teaching Put the classroom on mobile devices
David Gerzof Emerson College Teaching Transform classes with social media
Derrick Cogburn Syracuse University, American University Teaching Create online tools fully accessible to students with disabilities
Andrew Whinston University of Texas at Austin Software Make information systems more efficient
Michael Garver and Brian Roberts Central Michigan University Teaching Use screencasting and podcasting to make lectures better
Carl Blyth University of Texas at Austin Teaching Improve foreign-language learning with open education resources
PhET Project University of Colorado at Boulder Research Build interactive simulations of scientific research
Tom Luxon Dartmouth College Teaching Created the John Milton online reading room
Eric Mazur Harvard University Software, Teaching Use classroom data to improve the lecture
Daphne Koller Stanford University Teaching Open free courses to the world
Illah Nourbakhsh Carnegie Mellon University Teaching Use robots to improve technology education
Matchbox Matchbox Software Improve university recruitment with better software
Richard DeMillo Georgia Institute of Technology Teaching Use "living laboratories" to drive innovation
Noran Moffett Clark Atlanta University Teaching Use YouTube and Web tools to improve teaching
Philip Regier Arizona State University Teaching Improve teaching through data
Electronic Village Online TESOL Convention Teaching Give online professional development to English language instructors
Anthony Rotolo Syracuse University Teaching Use Twitter to make classes better
William J. Ward Syracuse University Teaching Use Twitter to improve marketing courses
Kaplan University Kaplan University Teaching Use data to analyze learning outcomes
Concord Law School Kaplan University Teaching Put peer evaluation online
Perry Samson LectureTools Software Use tablets to make lectures better
Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction Teaching Put law-school lessons online
XLerant XLerant Software Make academic budgeting easier
Michele DeStefano Beardslee and Michael Bossone Law Without Walls Teaching Use the Web to improve legal education
Muzzy Lane Muzzy Lane Software Make classes better with interactive games
MindMixer MindMixer Student Life Virtual town halls make student life better
Andy Petroski Harrisburg University of Science and Technology Teaching Help students learn using alternate-reality tools