Tenure Awards (March 2017)

March 26, 2017

The following professors were awarded tenure at their institutions. Unless otherwise noted, they are also being promoted to the rank of associate professor. The tenure awards and promotions will take effect on varying dates.

Albright College

Justin Couchman, psychology

Patricia Turning, history

Colorado College

Helen Daly, philosophy

Scott Krzych, film and media studies

Christina Leza, anthropology

Corina McKendry, political science

Habiba Vaghoo, chemistry and biochemistry

Dana Wolfe, political science

Naomi Wood, Spanish and Portuguese

Columbus State University

Joelle Bonamy, modern and classical languages (continuing at rank of assistant professor)

Elizabeth Frander, nursing (with promotion to rank of professor)

Shannon Godlove, English

Daniel Holley, chemistry

Brad Huff, history and geography

Laurence Marsh, management

Joe Miller, English

Franklin Mixon, accounting (continuing at rank of professor)

Clifton Ruehl, biology

Nehal Shukla, mathematics

Joy Thomas, health professions and exercise science

David Turner, theater

Georgia Institute of Technology

Daniel Baerlecken, architecture

Tamara Bogdanovic, physics

Sam Brown, biological sciences (continuing at rank of associate professor)

Young Mi Choi, industrial design

Osvaldo Cleger, modern languages

Michael Damron, mathematics

Mark Andrew Davenport, electrical and computer engineering

Shatakshee Dhongde, economics

Caroline Genzale, mechanical engineering

Eric Gilbert, interactive computing

David Alan Goldberg, industrial systems and engineering

Karen Head, literature, media, and communication

Chris LeDantec, literature, media, and communication

Juan Moreno-Cruz, economics

Nga Lee (Sally) Ng, chemical and biomolecular engineering

Alexander Oettl, business

Machelle Pardue, biomedical engineering (continuing at rank of professor)

Peng Qui, Coulter biomedical engineering

Devesh Ranjan, mechanical engineering (continuing at rank of associate professor)

Julian Rimoli, aerospace engineering

Maryam Saeedifard, electrical and computer engineering

Sven Simon, earth and atmospheric sciences

Jennifer Singh, history and sociology

Le Song, computational science and engineering

Frank Stewart, biological sciences

Phanish Suryanarayana, civil and environmental engineering

Alejandro Toriello, industrial systems and engineering

Kari Watkins, civil and environmental engineering

Michael Wiedorn, modern languages

James Wray, earth and atmospheric sciences

Shuman Xia, mechanical engineering

Lizhen Xu, business

Josephine Yu, mathematics

Alenka Zajic, electrical and computer engineering

Hartwick College

Eric Cooper, biology

Kevin Schultz, physics

Macalester College

Zeynep Devrim Gürsel, international studies

Rivi Handler-Spitz, Asian languages and cultures

William Hart, religious studies (continuing at rank of professor)

Andrea Kaston Tange, English (continuing at rank of professor)

Mark Mandarano, music

J. Ernesto Ortiz-Díaz, Hispanic and Latin American studies

Karin Vélez, history

Merrimack College

Brittnie Aiello, criminology and criminal justice

Jimmy Franco, chemistry and biochemistry

Sirkwoo Jin, management

Susan Marine, higher education (continuing at rank of associate professor)

Sally Shockro, history

Middlebury College

Maggie Clinton, history

Jeffrey Howarth, geography

Shawna Shapiro, writing and linguistics

Louisa Stein, film and media culture

St. Norbert College

Ben Chan, philosophy (continuing at rank of assistant professor)

Seth Meyer, mathematics

Jamie O’Brien, business administration

Marc Schaffer, economics

Alexa Trumpy, sociology

Wheaton College (Ill.)

James E. Beitler, English

Marc A. Cortez, theology (promoted to rank of professor)

Edward B. Davis, psychology (continuing at rank of associate professor)

Winnie Fung, economics (continuing at rank of associate professor)

David M. Gordon, music

Susan L. Greener, intercultural studies (continuing at rank of associate professor)

Mark E. Jonas, education, with a courtesy appointment in philosophy (continuing at rank of associate professor)

Min-Dong Paul Lee, business (promoted to rank of professor)

Amy L. Peeler, New Testament (continuing at rank of associate professor)

Amy M. Reynolds, sociology (continuing at rank of associate professor)

Sandra Y. Rueger, psychology (continuing at rank of associate professor)

Heather M. Whitney, physics (continuing at rank of associate professor)

Laura S. Meitzner Yoder, environmental studies (promoted to rank of professor)

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