The CV Doctor Returns

July 08, 2008

Does your vita need work? The CV Doctor can help. Submit your CV and it may be selected for an online critique.

Putting together an effective curriculum vitae is one of the most crucial tasks in your job hunt. But if you're like most academics, your CV could probably use a little work.

Now is your chance to get some free advice as part of the CV Doctor's annual critique of readers' vitas. Submit your CV by July 16, and it may be selected for an online, public critique. We'll show you how to improve the document.

This year we're looking to evaluate the CV's of job candidates in four specific categories:

  • A Ph.D. in the humanities.

  • A Ph.D. in engineering.

  • A Ph.D. in public health, social work, or nursing.

  • An administrator seeking nonfaculty positions in student advising, writing centers, teaching and learning centers, or counseling departments.

If you fall into one of those categories, send your CV as an attachment in Word to by July 16. To help us better evaluate your CV, include a few sentences in your e-mail message about your career goals. Be specific.

To be considered, you must also include a statement in your e-mail message giving us permission to publish your CV in the column. Please indicate whether you prefer your identifying information to be included as is or would like us to omit some details, such as your name, your most recent employer, and your most recent degree-granting institution.

Due to the volume of responses, we are unable to evaluate all of the CV's we receive.

Julie Miller Vick is senior associate director of career services at the University of Pennsylvania, and Jennifer S. Furlong is associate director. They are authors of a newly reissued and expanded edition of The Academic Job Search Handbook (University of Pennsylvania Press), published this summer. If you have questions for the Career Talk columnists, send them to For an archive of previous Career Talk columns, see career_talk.