Chronicle Book Club

The Chronicle Book Club's First Selection

March 21, 2014

Your response to the book-club announcement was fantastic. Thank you for your enthusiasm! Based on reader feedback, we have decided that The Chronicle Book Club's first selection will be What Is College For? The Public Purpose of Higher Education, edited by Ellen Condliffe Lagemann and Harry Lewis.

What Happened to Voting?

What Is College For? was the overwhelming favorite among readers who expressed a preference in comments on the original announcement. In any event, the title seemed like an excellent choice to begin the book club. That’s not to discount the other options. We are keeping a running list of reader-suggested books, and we will base future selections on your feedback.

How Do I Get a Copy of the Book?

Check your local library or bookstore. If you wish to purchase a copy, you may also use these links:

Please note that we have no affiliation or agreement with those vendors and that we are linking to them for your convenience.

What Is the Reading Schedule?

Our first discussion post will be published on Monday, March 31. New discussion posts will be published on subsequent Mondays.

  • Week One (March 31): Introduction, Section 1
  • Week Two (April 7): Sections 2 and 3
  • Week Three (April 14): Sections 4 and 5
  • Week Four (April 21): Section Six, with a potential live chat

What Is the Discussion Venue?

The primary discussion will take place in the comments sections of the discussion posts. Many readers told us that they are not active Twitter users and said that website comments allow for a more comprehensive and orderly discussion.

However, Twitter users should not be discouraged from also taking to that platform. Use the hashtag #ChronBooks to participate on Twitter, and be sure to share your thoughts in the comments as well.

Do you have a suggestion for a future book for the group to read? Let us know in the comments.