True Crime

September 25, 2011

The following reports were taken from campus police logs.


10:19 a.m., August 30

Assist person—sick/injured. A student was referred to judicial affairs after striking a pole and themselves. Disposition: closed.


9:20 p.m., September 3

Theft. I responded to the concessions at the mezzanine level of section 5, DKR Memorial Stadium to assist with investigation of a possible theft of cash. Upon arrival I found that a freshman from the Elgin High School Band working at the concession stand had been asked by a customer to make change from loose cash to a larger bill. He presented an assortment of various denominations of cash and Collins [the freshman] counted out $100. She kept this back and returned a single $100 bill. Her friend working next to her took the change and was preparing to verify or place it in the till when the subject requested a bottle of water. The exchange resulted in the suspect getting the victims to give him the $100, the water, and the change he used to start the process. After he left, the cashiers realized they may have returned too much money. Disposition: inactive.


8:22 p.m., September 6

Remove group. Harvard Family Research. Officers dispatched to a report of a group of unwanted guests in the garage. Officer reports the individuals entered the open garage to get out of the rain. The individuals were sent on their way. Status: closed.

12:39 p.m., September 9

Trespass warning. Au Bon Pain. Officers dispatched to a report of an unwanted guest sleeping face down in a plate of food. Officers arrived, located the individual, and conducted a field interview. The individual was checked for wants/warrants with negative results. The individual was issued a trespass warning for Au Bon Pain and sent on their way. Status: closed.

5:33 a.m., September 11

Suspicious activity. Quincy House C. Officers dispatched to a report that an individual entered another individual's room and woke them up and then left. Officers located the individual who had entered the wrong room. Status: closed.


10:57 a.m., September 8

Suspicious incident. Bailey Hall. Report of a male student dressed in all black carrying what appeared to be a samurai sword. Entered the building on the library side and headed up the stairs. Officers responded and checked the building but subject was gone on arrival.

1:05 a.m., September 16

Welfare check. G-13 Student Parking. Officer out in G-13C with three individuals by the woods. Subject was about to urinate and was advised not to.