Graduate Students

U. of California Approves Enrollment Cuts and a Salary Freeze

January 14, 2009

San Francisco — Leaders at the University of California approved today a plan to cut freshman enrollment next year by 2,300 students and to freeze the salaries and compensation of top administrators.

The 6-percent enrollment cut will affect admissions at six campuses, though not at the university’s flagships, in Berkeley and Los Angeles. The measure, which was approved by the system’s Board of Regents, will also increase by 500 the number of community-college transfer students the university admits next year.

In the face of a huge state budget deficit, leaders of California colleges have announced or are considering a number of budget-paring actions, including salary and hiring freezes and possible cuts in financial aid. The University of California’s decision today follows similar actions by California State University, which adopted a number of cost-saving measures last week, including a freeze on executives’ pay, and announced in November that it would cut enrollment by as many as 10,000 students next year. —Josh Keller