U. of Iowa Paid $226,000 to Professor Accused of Forging Student Evaluations

April 08, 2007

The University of Iowa paid $226,000 to a former law professor who was accused of forging students’ evaluations of his effectiveness as a teacher, The Des Moines Register reported. The professor, Kenneth Kress, resigned in January 2006. Citing a settlement agreement reached the previous year, the newspaper reported that in exchange for his resignation, the university agreed to pay Mr. Kress $203,400 in cash, deposit $22,600 into his retirement account, and provide him with health insurance through June 2008, along with other benefits.

The university entered into the settlement agreement to avoid “the expense and time of further proceedings” with a faculty judicial panel, the document states. It makes no mention of the forgery allegations. A commission of the Iowa Supreme Court, however, is reviewing those accusations, and Mr. Kress faces a possible suspension of his law license. —Charles Huckabee