University Library Reinstates Its 'New York Times' Subscription

July 02, 2006

Library users at the University of the Incarnate Word, a Roman Catholic institution in San Antonio, will be able to pick up a print edition of The New York Times again, now that the institution’s chief librarian has canceled his impromptu decision last week to cancel the subscription (The Chronicle, June 29).

The university’s dean of library services, Mendell D. Morgan Jr., had come under heavy criticism after pulling the plug on the subscription to protest an article that he believed bordered on “treason.” Among the critics were library staff members who argued that it was wrong to deny students access to the newspaper because of a personal disagreement with its coverage, according to a local newspaper, the San Antonio Express-News.

In announcing on Friday that the subscription would be reinstated, Mr. Morgan said that he did not believe his use of the university library as a forum for personal protest was inappropriate, but that he did regret having failed to consult library staff members.