'Day for Trans Justice' Prepares Student Leaders to Push for Change

Camp Pride 2015, Charlotte, N.C.

July 23, 2015

Video and editing by Julia Schmalz
At Camp Pride, LGBTQ students, allies and advisors focus on ways to improve campus life for transgender students.

While Caitlyn Jenner has been in headlines for coming out as a transgender woman, LGBTQ students and allies are focusing on ways to improve campus life for transgender students. More than 120 LGBTQ students, allies and advisors from across the country came together last week for Camp Pride, the annual leadership camp sponsored by Campus Pride. During the five-days students develop their leadership skills, learn organizing techniques and diversity issues. On this day trans students were the focus of the discussions. “By and large, we live in the dark ages when it comes to transgender issues in higher education,” says Shane Windmeyer, Campus Pride founder and executive director. Campus Pride works with students so that they can go back to their campuses and work with their administrators on responsible LGBT policies programs. “Today on our college campuses we still rely on our LGBT students to do the educating,” says Mr. Windmeyer, “We put the responsibility for a safe learning environment on the backs of those students.”  


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