Volume 59, Issue 16: December 14, 2012

December 10, 2012


The Chronicle Review

  • The Constitution: Who Needs It?

    Louis Michael Seidman wants to scrap America's foundational document, and he has anticipated your objections.

  • Book-Review Angst Premium Link

    Bracing for readers' reactions to one's book is agony, but something would be terribly wrong if you didn't care.

  • Long Walks, Deep Thoughts Premium Link

    When the legs are in motion, intellectual history suggests, the mind often follows.

  • The Saint Who Would Be Santa Premium Link

    No, Virginia, there is not a Santa Claus. But there was a St. Nicholas.

  • Size Isn't Everything

    Learning mash-ups have more potential than MOOC-centered, profit-squeezing, online economies of scale.

  • Poetry Makes You Weird Premium Link

    More important, it helps you understand the weirdness around you.

  • What We'll Settle For Premium Link

    While a choice may not be optimal, making it anyway, and accepting the inherent trade-offs, might be the best move you can make.