Volume 59, Issue 17: December 21, 2012

December 17, 2012


The Chronicle Review

  • Secret Reading Lives, Revealed

    Researchers in an emerging field look for "teardrops on the page" and other evidence of how readers have used books across history.

  • The Editor as Power Broker Premium Link

    Gordon Hutner's journal "American Literary History" has shaped criticism for a quarter-century.

  • This Is Not a Profile of Nassim Taleb

    It was intended to be, but perhaps unsurprisingly, an interview with the famously ill-tempered author ended badly.

  • The Enduring Mystery of Dickens's 'Dear Girl' Premium Link

    The nature of his secret relationship with the young actress Ellen Ternan bears on how we read his homages to home and the dualities of his characters.

  • Theory of A+S2(holes) Premium Link

    There's a colorful vernacular word for someone with a deep-rooted sense of entitlement, and it's the topic of not one but two new books.

  • Worshiping 'the Book' Premium Link

    Brilliant writing doesn't count for tenure unless it's between two snazzy covers. That's silly.



  • Stepping Up

    Two years after leaving administration to return to the faculty, a professor realizes it was the right career move.