Volume 59, Issue 23: February 15, 2013

February 11, 2013


The Chronicle Review

  • How Much Do You Pay for College?

    Students are talking more openly about their socioeconomic status. The rest of us should, too.

  • Better Sound Than Safe Premium Link

    In debating gun policies, we must consider not just our vulnerability but also our humanity.

  • The Quest for Permanent Novelty

    Artists have created some of their most powerful works by exploring our yearning for ever-fresh sensation.  

  • Why Narnia? Premium Link

    Strange, lovely, and symbolically untidy, C.S. Lewis’s fictional kingdom remains a narrative tonic for our spiritual renewal.

  • Teaching Ethics in a Dark World Premium Link

    An ethicist is painfully reminded of demagoguery’s brute power. Is that a lesson he should share with his idealistic students?

  • A Leviathan Task of Biography Premium Link

    More than a decade after the publication of his career-defining Melville volumes, Hershel Parker strikes back at his critics in a genre-bending new work.